Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kelvin Grove Village Markets

5/75 Hardgrave Road
West End

I'm here today with Eileen Wee and Sui-guan Teo

Com Bi Suon Cha
Broken Rice with Pork Chop, Shredded Pork & Egg Cake
In comparison to its neighbour, Trang, it loses quite a few points
in terms of size and quality of pork chop

The service sucks. Wait staff was rude, unattentive, unreliable and unfriendly.
Return factor: 0/10

1/69 Boundary Street
West End

I'm here today with Eldreth Lim

Stir-fried Minced Chicken
This is a very popular Thai dish
Unfortunately this one is not spicy/fragrant enough

Karl Ka Mu
Pork Leg Stew on Rice
The trotter is too tough - FAIL

This place used to be very very good
Since last year, their quality dropped
and price increased, sad!

This Johnson's Baby Shampoo has a nostalgic smell
I used this as a kid for many many years

I never understood why they have to call
Kailan - Chinese Broccoli
It causes a lot of confusion (to me)

Got Libby some Gerbera...

And Madtongsan II takeaway for dinner
Was served by this particular Korean staff
whom I believe all male customers know who
She always give that puppy look
which makes it hard not to tip her

Kelvin Grove Village Markets
Saturdays 6am - 1pm
Blamey Street

Fish Monger

Scantily-clad Angels giving away
Valentines' Day Lollipops

Olive Oil

Affordable Clothings


This band plays jazz and bossanova
and they are REALLY AWESOME!

watch video here

Chinese Steamed Dim Sum

Thai Cuisine

Sausages and Burgers

Espresso Coffee
Latte - $4.20 (large)

Freshly Baked Breads

Healthy Snacks

Barbeque UFO Pits

Ukelele are sorta like a mini 4-stringed Hawaiian guitar

Second-hand Books

Japanese Yakisoba
Yakisoba 焼きそば translates to Fried Noodles
is a dish commonly sold at festivals in Japan
However it evolved from China's Chow Mien
Often stir-fried with pork, cabbage, onions, carrots, aonori, beni shoga, katsuobushi etc

Organic Fruits

Carrots & Broccolis


Traditional Dutch batter treat
Kinda like small fluffy pancakes
served with powdered sugar, butter, maple syrup etc
Plate of 10 - $5
Plate of 20 - $8

Nandos Fiesta
Whole flame-grilled chicken & one large side of your choice

Never knew BOOST has their own bottled juices


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