Sunday, January 23, 2011


Violin Performers at Queen Street
They played Canon in D too!

Watch video here

Top Sushi
Queen Street
Brisbane CBD

Sometimes people are just unhappy
with the peace after the flood

Wanted to go to TEA ETC
but it was closed after the flood

QUT Gardens Point Ferry
Still damaged

The riverside is still muddy
and in a massive mess

North Quay Ferry
Not in service

So we had to use Victoria Bridge
to get to South Bank Parklands

South Bank Parklands

Some parts are still muddy
and restricted to the public

The Southbank Streets Beach (aka Fake Beach)
is officially closed till further notice

So we just rolled on the grass
and enjoy the sun and breeze

Watch video here

Do what the Romans do
This is what Aussies do -> Lie on the Grass

Played with an African's puppy, Happy

My Sweetopia
180 Grey Street
South Bank

Ice Coffee

Strawberry Milkshake

Ice-blended Coffee

Forgot what this is called
but it has tasty coconut shavings on top

Blackforest Cupcake

Chillin' out on Goodwill Bridge

Then we got really bored
and decided to fight each other..

Thant Zin Aung vs 吳凌雁

Thant Zin Aung vs King Ming

Nah.. we were just playing around
trying to kill time on the bridge

Watch video here

Went to Southbank Cineplex to catch

Jay Chou's acting skills sucks as ever
but it was really fun to watch..


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