Saturday, January 29, 2011

End of Jan 2011

Not the cheapest, but easily
one of the best Economic Rice in Brisbane
$9.90 for 1 meat + 3 vegetables dish with rice
Welcome Fresh Food
Shop 91
Sunnybank Plaza

Sunnybank Plaza AMC Cinema
McCullough Street

I'm here today with Ken Tan Keng Qi
to catch the new movie..

Shaolin 新少林寺 (2011)
Starring Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bing Bing
Jackie Chan built a US$1.47million pseudo Shaolin Temple to be destroyed by cannons
How cool is that?
Its a pretty awesome action movie
however the plot is weak and predictable
I rate it 3/5

Shaolin Kungfu Guan is giving away FREE first lessons
at Sunnybank State High School, Gager Street (Saturdays)
Second lessons onwards Adult $12 Students $7 per lesson

House-blend Coffee
from ChaTime (Sunnybank Plaza)
Its actually pretty good
Din know they sell coffee

We're here today at Davies Park
Montague Road
West End

West End Market
Every Saturday 6am - 2pm

Egghead Chris Harvey

Didgeridoo Performer
Its kinda like a wooden trumpet developed by indigenous Australians at least 1,500 years ago
A 2005 study in British Medical Journal found that practicing the didgeridoo helps reduce snoring and sleep apnea

Watch video here

Raising funds to rebuild The Joynt
at 48 Montague Road
destroyed by the flash flood

Do you recall similiar incidents like
"Hey daddy can I get this one?"
"Not today, mate.. "
and you know you're never getting it..

Punk Rocks

More photos here


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