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Brisbane Flood [11 Jan 2011]

Little Hong Kong
Shop 23A Market Square Cnr Mains Road & McCullough Street

I'm here today with Jay, Eileen and Kai

Roast Duck

潮州儒鸭 Teo Chew Braised Duck

干捞面 Dry Noodles

水饺汤 Shrimp Dumpling Soup

云吞汤 Wanton Soup

Anyway as most of you have already knew
Brisbane is flooding now
Our river banks have overflowed
Many are evacuating into the inner suburbs and higher grounds

Watch video here

This is from Cultural Centre
Our City shut down around noon time
everything is closed for business and staff asked to evacuate
to secure their homes and families

Remember the Santa Charity Run?
The boardwalk has been swallowed by the vicious waters

All bicycle tracks and walkways - flooded
Some of you may have seen news footage
and YouTube videos about Toowoomba
Cars were washed away and people died
This is very REAL!

Watch video here

Cultural Centre Busway
Translink dispatched plenty of buses
to send people home and away from the river banks

This is from Southbank Parklands
Many areas were cordoned off and sandbagged

The platform closest to the river bank is now underwater
Red-marker shows initial height of the bridge
and no, there will not be lil mermaid, Ariel
cos we're not UNDER THE SEA ffs!

Ferry Jetties all submerged!

However it doesn't stop curious Aussies
from taking photos and participating in the calamity
"Too easy, mate!"

The souvenir temple is still safe..
but for how long?
Even with Buddha and Confucious watching over the river
it still over-flowed!

Parklands Boardwalk - GG-ed!
(GG = Good Game)

Nothing can escape the waters
except Floating Platforms

From here we can see that
we're just 10-20cm away from overflowing
the second platform
(which is approximately 2m from the first)

Watch video here

Some crazy kids - seriously!

Area Closed!

Nothing stops the Competitive Stun Bikers
from practicing at the Parklands

Coast Guards and Police patrols the river for victims

From here we can see that our CBD is entirely shut off
No lights from any of the office buildings

Construction sites gone to waste..

Does sandbagging help?
Not in a Flash Flood, I say..


Check if your area are near water collection
and your nearest high grounds
Blue = Flood Zone
Yellow = Water Flow Route

If you are in any of the zones, you may
1. Pack up your belongings and prepare to evacuate
2. Check your property elevation if its safe from Brisbane City Council Websites
3. Stock up rations and ready-to-eat food supplies
4. Prepare for after-floods like insect repellent etc
5. Pray

If you are near to the City
Power supply will be cut off tomorrow morning 7AM
Be prepared, know that this means
you will not be able to use your electical appliances

Check if your surrounding streets are flooded
so you know you won't be trapped without food/water

Message from Singapore High Commission
(click image to enlarge)
The Singapore High Commission Duty Phone is 0414 733 944
if you need assistance from them

Comic Blog Updated


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Donnie Yen and Vicki Zhao (taking a bath)
Good show. Its about protecting the emperor
from evil eunuchs..

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About protecting Sun Yat Seng from the emperor's assassins
during the revolution period
Another good show

In the latest Family Guy
Brian donates his kidneys to Peter

NOT in the latest Cleveland Show
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She died falling off the bath tub, Cleveland-style


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