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Brisbane Flood [13-14 Jan 2011]

Hi all, if you have got the free newspaper,
on your way to school/work,
you've probably seen my face on the front page..

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There's another one coming up
in one of our SPH chinese newspaper
Stay tune..

[13 Jan 2011 - THURSDAY]

Peaceful morning at Upper Mt. Gravatt
while the peak of the flood came at 4.45AM
Many worry for their properties and loved ones..

Familiar pineapple biscuits for breakfast

Look at Zin!
He loves to talk on the phone while driving

I went to play basketball
while waiting for his friend

No I'm NOT a pedophile

Went to Yuen's Market (Sunnybank)
to get some groceries
Its like the other side of the world
that is totally ignorant to the flood..

Its very hard to buy fresh vegetables recently!

Those available were extremely costly

Some costs even more than meats

After that, we dropped by Eileen's house
to see if the Indooroopilly Singaporeans are doing fine
after fleeing from their homes

Watch video here

Watch out Chef Zin and Chef Aloo
stir up some homecook Burmese dishes

Simon helped out too

Traditional Burmese Chicken Noodles
The taste is over-powering and complex

Played Monopoly for the rest of the day..


By night, DotA

[14 Jan 2011 - FRIDAY]

Next day, we headed out to the city
Bus services were detoured by FREE

Lots of heavy vehicles pumping water out
of their flooded establishments that were
affected by the peak this morning

The Myer busway was not in operation
but their electric boards still reads
"WARNING! Leave immediately by the nearest exit!"

TIMEZONE was busy moving their arcade machines
back into their shopfront

There were also lots of news reporters
from different channels all around the city

Everywhere was covered in mud
after the flood waters receded

Part of the city smelled like crap
while the other parts smelled like chemicals

Unilodge, student accomodation was safe
the flood waters only took all the buildings before it

City Botanic Gardens were closed
The ponds inside looks pretty well contained
Fowls inside were happily undisturbed

QUT Gardens Point is still closed
Their examinations were postponed till 2 weeks later

Many people who work in the city
chained their bicycles at the ferry jetty
most of them still look alright after being tossed around
by the flood waters like a bowl of salad

I saw some photos of teenagers playing in the flood water
walking around half submerged taking photographs
Please know that all the rollie bins in Brisbane were found empty
and you were swimming in rubbish water

Also, most of your favourite shops are in operation already
such as Coperhagen ice-cream, hungry jacks, cotton on, city beach, adidas etc

Watch video here

QPAC was hit pretty badly
Worse when the basements were carpetted

Tried to make my way home,
but was told to do a detour

It was tough to walk on the streets
cos everywhere was covered in mud

Grey Street is now cleaned up
but i dun think the cinema is

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
This was the toughest part of my journey
the mud build-up was horrible
I almost slipped and fell quite a couple of times

This was what i was walking on
ankle-deep mud and debris

Took me 40min to finally reach West End

All our favourite restaurants were brutally massacred

The Three Monkey staff told me
they need at least 2 weeks to rebuild

Look how depressed Chris was
after surviving 3 days without electicity and minimal food

Watch video here

However help arrived..

Citipointe Church was kind enough to bring
food and beverage over from noon to 7PM

cakes, muffins, cookies

coffee, tea and cordial

Also hotdog bread!

Watch video here

He was so happy to finally taste warm food
and ice-cold Woolworth cordial!

The only shop operating was Bottle Shop
probably run by back-up generators
By the way, 3 individuals were arrested for looting Bottle Shop
somewhere in Brisbane, sentenced to 6 months jail

KING MING: Any idea when we'll be getting out power back on?
CREW: Immediately!
KING MING: Really? Great!
CREW: Nah.. Not really. Won't be up before Sunday, but it got you smiling din't it?

Cultural Centre

Eagle Street Pier

There were Translink staff giving directions to commuters
I must say City's flood recovery was very organised and efficient
So please do something to West End soon..

Anyhows lets

Dinner was more Burmese food...


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pix, very interesting to look back and see how far we've come with clean up in 8 months :)