Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brisbane Flood [12 Jan 2011]

Firstly, thanks to all
who called/texted me to check if I'm doing ok
I escaped from West End yesterday,
with the help of my good mate, Zin

Fox draining water out of its restaurant/pokies

Our CBD suddenly became like Canberra - desserted

Not many cars on the motorway either

I grabbed a Quarter Pounder Meal from Maccas
on my way to Zin's place at Upper Mt. Gravatt

After that had Burmese Bak Kut Teh
Its kinda like ours, peppery and flavorful
except theirs has chickpea inside

Woke up in a place I know I'm not in risk of flood
However, the CBD was on urgent evacuation
Sirens were sounded because waters were knee height already
Urbanest people (South Bank) too were evacuated to Gold Coast
shortly after the electricity supply cut off at around 11AM

Meanwhile, the hospitable Burmese prepared lunch
I was watching the news
It was really sad in Ipswich
Overnight, the 10.5m-tall flash flood came
and covered the area
with 10 confirmed deaths and 67 still unaccounted for
the 10th death was a kid

Watch video here
I know my hair look like shit!

Spicy Green Tea Salad
It was eaten by only royalties many years ago
because green tea was scarce and expensive
Now it is served by households when there are guests

Stir-fried Pork with Lady Fingers

Spicy Squash Soup

Made a few phone calls and checked
if my friends are safe and sound

Then we decided to hit the roads
to see if our friends are properly evacuated

Mater Hill area seems dry

Riverside Expressway was closed
Many cars were stuck in the traffic
We had to reverse in the middle of the motorway

Stopped by Maritime Museum
The situation was quite bad
Flood waters swallowed more land today

Still it didn't stop photography enthusiasts

Watch video here

Its scary to see bridges became shorter overnight

Jetties no longer float gracefully undefeated like yesterday

Pretty scary...
In case any of you noticed I'm still wearing the same top as yesterday
I left in a hurry with few items.. So yeah...

Channel 9 was there to report the sitution

Many roads continued to be cordoned off..

Some Aussies were just too fascinated by the flood

So anyways we headed home...

Litter Bug alert
822 LKT - you're a bitch!

For Tea, we had Bread Top

Pork Floss Bun

Played a couple of rounds of DotA with Zin

For Dinner we had Burmese Chicken Feet

Some Spicy Soup
Everything is spicy from Burma, I reckon

As much as I'm really bored out of my brains here
I'm really thankful that Zin came to rescue me
Friends, Families and Readers, not to worry
I'll continue to update about the flood!

Everyone, please stay safe and calm
The peak of the flood will come at 4AM in a while's time
A silent prayer for the faith-departed


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Kelly Hosanna said...

i know i sound like a broken recorder, but stay safe and keep dry!