Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to Life.. Back to Reality!

Family Guy Monopoly
This looks interesting...

EVIL CATS (by Elia Anie)
When fluffy cats get mean
This book is so damn funny!

Chicken Rice
97 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

Chicken Katsu Don

Arnott's Tim Tam Chocolate Chillers (ORIGINAL)
$5.90 (R)
This is super duper tasty! Must-try!
From Gloria Jean's Coffees

Arnott's Tim Tam Chocolate Chillers (DARK)
$5.90 (R)
This one is a bit too chocolatey,
it taste just like ice-blended chocolate
From Gloria Jean's Coffees

Vegetarian Fried Rice
from Happy Days (West End)

Took some photos for Evonne
to 呛声 with her 骗吃 Taiwanese Photographers..

By the way the City Botanic Gardens is back in business..
but some plants were destroyed in the flood

Not as scenic as before
but it'll be back in no time.. I'm sure!

Pomegranate Green Tea
from Hazel Tea Shop (CBD)

Lv 1, 85 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

Dol Sot Kimchi Udon
Spicy Kimchi and Pork Udon noodle soup
served in a stone hot pot
Extremely spicy T_T

Watch video here

Libby Chong
Tasty but very spicy

Commonwealth Bank is pretty awesome
After the flood, they allow us to withdraw money
from all other bank's ATM
with NO extra charge (usual: $3 extra)

李小龙,我的兄弟 Bruce Lee, My Brother
Starring the hottest MILF in the world - Christy Chung 鍾麗緹
and the prettiest vase who can't act for nuts - Kristy Yang 杨恭如
The actor for Bruce Lee looks kinda like Wang Lee Hom
Pretty boring movie, its about Bruce Lee's acting life
Riding on the bandwagon of Ip Man..

Yes.. Edison Chen is back in the industry
He now raps with MC Hotdog
but have no idea what he is rappin'

More DotA printscreens that nobody ever reads..
but hey, I realised that when I random Phantom Lancer
I usually gets pretty PRO and wins the game!
Also the last one is from Dynasty Warriors RPG,
I'm playing as Sima Yi..

Comic Blog Updated

Deepest condolences
to those who have lost their loved ones and properties

My Flood Photos here

Below are some articles that I was featured
back in Singapore..

AsiaOne News

MyPaper (我报)

zbCOMMA (早报逗号)

also a couple of days ago on Mediacorp Ch 8
8AM Good Morning Singapore

Thank you all media who brought home
good news of our safety..


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