Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcoming December 2010

My L33T Pack mailed from Singapore is here
Consist of a lot of crappy junk..

Lots of Christmas Deco are up already

This one is kinda like a crystal tree

Here are two more from South Bank
If you heard fireworks last night
Its for the lighting up of Christmas Tree at King George Square
No I wasn't there.. was playing DotA at home..

Lets play a game..
See if you can spot the duck!
(click image to enlarge)
Answers below..

Went to the War Memorial Park at South Bank
Nothing much to see except for one artillery

With me.. Chris, Fadila and Sato

Spotted a deserted house along Highgate Hill

Check out the old school bath tub

QLD XYZ XYZ Harden Up Princess

Sato modelling for Chris

We were walking aimlessly
when we arrived at Kangaroo Point Park

You know its summer
when you see a lot of big critters

here's a bigger one..

this one here is simply monstrosity

Dinner was Seafood Basket
South Bank Parklands
Yea.. frozen dinner

Shopping makes me happy.
I'm superficial, whatever.

Marlboro Ice Blast has finally arrived in Brisbane

We saw this in Melbourne
now we have it in Brisbane - CityCycle

Today we're visiting
The Queensland Maritime Museum
concession $7

They got some pretty cool stuff in their gallery
You'll need to visit early to see everything

Ahoy! Captain Cook's ship!

Black Slaves

More Black Slaves

Over a Barrel

Cool shit! Reminds me of Tintin's Adventures

They used these steel/iron weights
so that they can sink in water

Captain Haddock's Rum

They had these bibles in ships

Cutlery Set made of mother of pearl


Yep.. this is where Jack and Rose "flew"
in Titanic the movie

Some sampan/canoe that is carved from a single tree
and strings made with human hair

Diesel engine for a ship

Duyfken (1606)
its a small Dutch merchant ship that sailed from Holland to Indonesia
during the Spice Trade era
You can say its kinda like Australia's Christopher Columbus and Santa Maria

Some of the parts are being re-painted/re-constructed
These are the Falcon stands

Ok.. this mini Duyfken (Little Dove) tour
costs an additional $3
but its totally worth it!
Its like the best part of the maritime museum

This is where they cook and stuff

Dutch maps were the best in their time
if you can see, there're 2 aboriginal message sticks on top
these are like the "passports" to aboriginal territories

Someone's watching you.. Always!

Some rum and stuff.. I guess..

Axe Gang 斧头帮?

Nutmeg was a rare commodity
One piece of nutmeg could buy you a big house with 2 servants

An enchanted cursed mask from Indonesia

One of the refurbished Falcon or Falconet

Pretty wicked stuff that can fire
1 pound round shots and grapeshots

The world last river class frigate
carried Japanese high command Lt. Gen Kanda and Vice Admiral Baron Samejima to surrender at Torokina during WWII
Hiding behind is the red CLS 2 Carpentaria
sorta like a mobile lighthouse vessel

Anti-submarine torpedo

We broke into the command center
and pretended to radio

ST Forceful
ocean-going tugboat since 1926
it uses a steam engine kinda like a locomotive

one of the smallest boats to sail across Pacific Ocean
confiscated from Howard Wayne Smith
due to his breach of tourist visa

More photos here

Someone prolly got knocked down
by a car at this junction

132 Boundary Street
West End

Today's Special
Stir-fried Seafood with Rice and Chicken Corn Soup

Char-grilled Fish Fillet with Salad
from Little Greek Taverna
5/1 Browning Street
West End

Char-grilled Calamari with Salad

from The Three Monkeys (West End)

Met up with Lim, Yen, Sato and Fadila
to visit Pho Hung Restaurant, Sunnybank
Market Square 341 Mains Road

Phở đặc biệt
medium: $8.50
Specialty beef noodles
Every shop has their unique set of ingredients
The one here is totally awesome with the typical
beef slices, tendons, tripe, beef ball etc
Absolutely delicious!

Assorted Fruits with Sago from 圆绿圆 (I think thats what its called)
has honeydew, rockmelon, watermelon and peach inside

Spotted a fake Pierre there!

Sakuraya Tea

Answer from Spot the Duck (above)

Its Christmas in Ravenwood Fair!
(facebook game)

Facebook viral to increase awareness on
violence against children, this is my display pic!

Discovered that Kellybestie has Blythe Dolls

Evangelion Race Team
how cool is that?

Found this in Libby's albums

Din have much luck (actually.. skill) in DotA lately
Been losing most of the time
with the occasional power overload and cuts me from the game


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