Saturday, December 11, 2010


Lets take a look at some HDR photos in this post
This one above is HDR..

.. this one is just an ordinary photo
Notice that the HDR one has more details
even in the parts where the camera detects as "under-exposed"
we'll see more later..

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Cosplayer Pre-Xmas Invasion
There's a Anime-based Trivia, Naruto Foot Race etc
This one is Cosplay Chess Competition
Wasn't as good as the previous Witches Tea Party though

The Punisher

Team Fortress 2
Spy and Medic

Death Note

Naruto Shippuden

Code Geass

Seeing new shoots always reminds me of
one of my favourite movie of all time - 太极张三丰


Brood Mother

This one is HDR

This one is an ordinary one

Yep, thats Gnu Chris and Sato

This one is HDR

This one is not..

QUT Art Museum

Kara-age Don
from Japanese Bento
Myer Center

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