Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Burmese Christmas!

159 Bagnall Street
Ellen Grove

Someone's Husky got lost

There's a celebration today here

for the Senior Monk's birthday

Buffet Lunch
Guess whats on the menu?


Chicken Briyani Rice
comes with a curry chicken drumstick, archa and spicy anchovies chilli
with chickpea soup
heavenly tasty!
if you have tried the Little India (Singapore) $10 briyani rice
this is just as good

Barter Trade
Origami Lessons for a Kiss

Zin pays respect to the Senior Monk

Meditation Room

Paing Soe pays his respect to the Buddha

Zin and his mum
I reckon she looks a bit like 林青霞

Next stop is Burmese Christmas Celebration with
Kachin Community Fellowship (KCF) Brisbane
Kachin is basically one of the ethnic groups in Burma, mostly from the Kachin state (northernmost) bordered by China and India; where you get your southern tip of the Himalayas mountain
They produce rice, sugar cane, gold and jade
Justin's dad is owns a jade mining company, thats why he is so damn rich

Sharing the good news
watch video here

Christmas Carols

watch video here

Justin and Paing Soe

Group Photo
Notice that I'm not the only odd-one-out
there's an Australian lady in the front row

This "totem" is of Kachin symbolism

Next is makan-makan again

"Sar ya aung!"
("lets dig in")

Rice with Vegetables (lady finger, chickpea, long beans) Soup,
Braised Pork, Spicy Tune, Spicy Glass Noodles Salad

Everyone went gaga over the chubby baby

Guy on right is doing his pHd in Marketing

Merry Burmese Christmas! =)


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