Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Melbourne Hotel
2/10 Browning Street
West End
Lemon Lime Bitter (LLB)
lemonade, lime juice and bitters
used to be customary for Aussies to drink this
after a game of golf
Over 50million LLBs are consumed in Aussieland in a year

MONDAY ribs night!
Seriously.. the portion size shrank
but today's ribs were good
juicy and tender

220 Melbourne Street
West End

Everyday special
Cake + Coffee for $7.90

Lovely Legs Painting
Pretty cool huh?

Macadamia Nut Heaven
The pretty blonde wait staff recommended me
Its awesome! =D

Gloria Jean's with Jay

Pork Fried Rice from
Siam Samrarn Thai Restaurant
1/79 Boundary Street
West End
Hmm.. taste the same as how i would cook it
Not very impressive
The ingredients were fresh BUT awfully stingy
But there's a very pretty wait staff in green working there

Cultural Centre Busway

Visited Queensland State Library with Kellybestie

of Love and War exhibit
6 Nov 2010 - 20 Feb 2011

then we went to GoMA
they were undergoing some kinda preparation for
the 21st century exhibition
3/4 of the place were closed from visitors

Check out her clueless face

Thats me..

King (A portrait of Michael Jackson) 2005

16 separate screens of different people
singing michael jackson's hits in-sync
with a tone deaf black man in the middle
and two very unwilling-looking teenage girls

Good Things for Girls

Bodhi Tree Terrace

Dinner is at Ajisen Ramen
2/414 George Street
Brisbane CBD

Vegetarian Croquette Bento

Chashu Ramen

Pineapple Sorbet
Yes its only $2 (promotional price)!

Melon Sorbet

The christmas tree at King George Square

Chillin' at Hazel Tea Shop 禾田茶坊
with Kellybestie and Yen
over bubble tea - so Asian!
2/47 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

The Jay Transformation Study

DotA screenies
I still suck at it!


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