Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DEC 14-15 Brisbane-Byron-GoldCoast

Here I am back again in Byron Bay

Cape Byron

Most Easterly Point of the Australian mainland

Feros Arcade Shop 2
Lawson Street

Poached Eggs Benedict with Bangalow Shaved Leg Ham

Poached Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon on Toasted Turkish

Hot waitress! Nice friendly service!
Pretty good food..

Skydive Byron Bay
80 Jonson Street

They use the hangar to train dogs =)


Assorted Stir-fried Hokkien Noodles

The WRX Experience
1, Pimpama Jacobs Well Road

Mt. Tambourine Vineyard & Winery
32 Hartley Road

DEFINATELY english fail

Wine Tasting

Fudge Shop

Lower Creek

Curtis Falls

Australian Brush Turkey (Alectura lathami)
aka Scrub Turkey or Bush Turkey
Brush-turkey eggs are a favourite food of goannas, snakes, dingoes and dogs and once were a staple of Aboriginal Australians
They exhibit little fear and will often boldly attempt to steal food from tables

HDR view from Rotary Lookout

Shop 26 Central Arcade
Surfers Paradise Blvd

Bumped into Jiayan

The toilet key was HUMONGOUS!

FREE Kaedama
This ramen-ten is a great hit with students
but I seriously don't find anything special about it

SPOCK (Leonard Nimoy)

Natural Bridge
Springbrook National Park

We are here today to see the Glow Worms

More photos at

Check this out!
Translink Driver shows Christmas Spirit

Jay & Eileen QUT Convocation Ceremony

Drivers here are very patient with handicapped
unlike in Singapore
and ALL buses have wheelchair ramps


More photos at

Claire Bear:
Whoever is leaving this mess, kindly clean up after yourself! It is disgusting and unhygienic on a hot day and unpleasant for those of us who do keep communal areas clean!!! =(

Jay's One Hundred Trillion Dollars Zimbawe Bookmark

21G Mains Road
Market Square

Mixed Grill with Rice
Pretty awesome!

Wanton Noodles
I've tried this before
The wantons are pretty good
but the noodles sucks

Crispy Skin Duck Rice

There's a controversy going around the internet
whether this Megan Fox superman photo is real or fake
Whatever it is.. Its pretty damn HOT, I say!


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