Monday, December 27, 2010


Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre
Gympie Road

The Westfield Group, originated from Sydney, is an Australian company and the largest retail property group in the world by equity market capitalisation and one of the largest entities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange
Chermside Shopping Centre is the BIGGEST shopping mall in Australia

Yes much bigger than our Vivo City
No. of stores 406 : 335
Parking 6,200 : 2179

We're here today on Boxing Day 26 December
So what really is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is aka Day of Goodwill, St. Stephen's Day or Second Day of Christmas
In South Australia, we call it Proclaimation Day to celebrate withdrawal as a British province in 1863
Over time, its known as Shopping Day
Many retailers open as early as 5am and offer doorbuster deals and loss leades to draw people to their stores

Its filled with Christmas Decorations

Lunch at Hanaichi

Spongebob Squarepants
CD Boombox

I'm spokesperson for Mac
though I dun use one! Haha..

Crazy Shoppers

Bumped into San Dong
we shared the buy-one-get-one deal
for Haviannas

Bubbles giveaway at the mall


I wanna buy this for my house in future

Cookie Cutters

Carrot Cake

Hey you! Take a chill pill!

The Apple Store Cultshop is love

Check out the cool flavors
SAVOURIES: buttersalt, salt & vinegar, light cheese, big cheese, hot & spicy, bbq chicken, sour cream * bacon/chives, smoking bbq, nacho cheese, wild buffalo wings
SWEETS: bee skinny honey, light caramel/butterscotch, kettle corn, butter pecan, cupids arrow, cappuccino, cashew & caramel, double hit, choc dusted caramel, macadamia deluxe, chocomello, super kid, coconut butter, strawberries & cream, wicked chocolate

No wonder aussies are so fat!

keep calm and love on

Shop 90D Sunnybank Plaza
Cnr Mains & McCullough Road

Deep-fried Chicken Cutlet with Rice
Taiwanese are really good at these chicken cutlets!

Spicy Pork Intestines with Rice

Glass Jelly with Evaporated Milk


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