Monday, December 20, 2010

21st Century : Art in the First Decade

Mixed Fried Rice (S)
Jay and myself used to eat here all the time
especially during exam periods
when we can't find the time to cook..
Happy Days
69A Boundary Street
West End

Vegetarian Fried Rice
Perfect for students on a tight budget!

Jeez.. Who stole the button?

21st Century : Art in the First Decade
Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)
18 Dec 2010 - 26 April 2011

Showcasing more than 200 works
featuring over 140 artists
from more than 40 countries
created in the 21st century!

With me today is.. Kellybestie

Before you go, you may want to download
the iPhone application: QAG | GoMA
alternatively, you may use the WiFi at GoMA to do so

It gives you an iTour of GoMA!

When you enter GoMA
treat yourself to a cuppa
and sit in front of the many monitors..

Kellybestie is enjoying some of the famous YouTube videos
'The Internet is for Porn'

Also you'll find many famous works like
Chris Crocker, Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain), Ran Ran Ru (McDonalds'), Flash Mob etc

Kids build their dreams out of white LEGO

Take home one of the wishes..

Many interesting ones like
"I wish for a doll house"
"I wish I had a more patient mother"
"I wish my parents were immortal"

After that, write your dream
and give it to the artist!
Here's mine...

Don't miss the free postcards!
I'm sending one home to my folks in Singapore..

Photos of Homeless at Worm's Eye View

Puzzle #1 #2 #3
Its amazing!

Looking at art is like considering ice cream flavours - chocolate or vanilla, it is what you like that counts. When you find a work that you especially admire, find out more about it and share your knowledge with a friend. By talking about what you like, you may even find out something new about yourself. _Jana Sterbak

Another interactive corner where you draw
what you think about the words..

Here's mine..

There's a huge 3-storey slide for everyone!

Inspired by ex-Prime Minster's apology
to indigenious people in Australia

We're watching a stop-motion of
a naked woman killing a warus..


A room full of purple balloons for kids to go crazy in..

Look a dead elephant!

On closer look.. there're much more details to it

This activity is only available on Sundays

Indian Bindis


Headless Ice-skater

I Never Stopped Loving You

"I wish for a doll house"
Specially for Gnu Chris

For myself..
"I wish for a star"

Meanwhile in Ravenwood Fair (Facebook),
it continues to snow...


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