Tuesday, November 16, 2010


oops.. left out these photos

some yum yums we tabao from City Inn Mall
this is quail

spicy tofu

special fried rice +spicy

nice design tampons

top sushi

libby cooked chik kut teh

QC pass

the cooking mamas

clockwise from top left:
french toast (faith)
madtongsan mayo tuna salad macaroni (yining)
curry vegetables fried rice (jestyn)
fish and chicken wantons (elena + fadilah)
choc chip cookies (sato)

chik kut teh (libby)
i din help much cos i was having exams that day
good job good job
very proud of her


we had a birthday surprise for her

with starbucks peppermint brownie

our last stop

libby sent me off for coffee
and to south brisbane train station

i have the JUST DISGUSTING book
keep rollin'



rollin' (ok i think thats quite enough)

they gave me a bad TV
so they rebooted but it still fails

changed me to another seat
with no one beside
so i sat there like a king
and watched Dinner for Schmucks
it was very good

lets see whats on the menu
cucumber and cheery tomato salad with lemon and chardonnay vinaigrette
cheese and crackers
white chocolate mousse
spicy tomato juice

braised tomato and mint lamb with potato and PEA mash

cadbury hot chocolate

seasonal melon salad with fruit juice
toasted multigrain roll with roasted vegetables, pesto and jarisberg cheese

arrival at T1
so much memories..

my first meal in singapore
ice jelly with sea coconut

oyster egg omelette

yes i live on the 13th floor

my mum bought me breakfast
tau huey and siew mai
siew mai is what we call dim sim in brissy
this is how it actually looks like

preparing for my sister's wedding

city hall mrt station

went for a haircut at CHAPTER 2

with my old man

lunch was..

hokkien mee.. my favourite

Anime Festival Asia

Lots of cosplayers as usual

Masked Rider



Street Fighter

Yes thats our Geri Ee from Brissy QUT

and of course - Richard Chan

Went to get Bubble Tea near my house

This is considered expensive in Singapore
for bubble tea which is usually only $1
In Brisbane - $4 at least

it has a lil ball
which releases menthol when u squeeze it


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