Monday, November 8, 2010


Do you see 11:11 22:22 3:33 etc
all over the place and realise that
Many people believe that it has got to do
with angels, spirit guides, ghosts etc

Heh.. Do you know why its funnaye?
By the way, hock is better known as pork knuckle

Popular dishes includes
Eisbein - cured/smoked, cooked with pea, served with potatoes and sauerkraut
Schweinshaxe/Stelze - marinated overnight in garlic, roasted, served with horseradish
金牌猪手 - marinated, deep-fried to golden brown

Om nom nom..

Mutton Rogan Josh
From Indian Kitchen (West End)
Meat is roasted and cooked in oil at intense heat with
cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, cumin, aniseed, saffron, fennel, chilli etc

I decided to quit GODFINGER
Its getting too monotonous!

Rainy days...

Make-up tutorial for
3001HSL Strategy and Change

91 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

Al Tang 알탕
Fish roe and mixed vegetables soup
Yea.. why do i always eat this dish
cos its the only restaurant in city that has it

Cucumber Soju
Chumisul (Seoul's favorite soju - refined with a quadruple distillation using charcoal from 3-year old bamboos grown near Mt. Jiri) with freshly chopped cucumber - a great summer refresher

Went to Urbanest to collect
Libby's FOREVER 21 clothes

Faith made Lemon Cake
very nice, can sell!

Yum Seng!
with Libby, Yining, Faith, Keith, Jestyn and Trixia

Some photos I took at the Halloween Shoot
Ugene organised at King George Square

The weather was a killer..
Hotter than Singapore
but you don't perspire,
so the heat gets trapped in your body


Madtongsan II
Level 1, Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

Bumped into Samsuddin

Free Flow Side Dishes
One of the biggest reason why we like to come here
is because of the tasty side dishes
Today we had Kimchi, Macaroni Chicken Salad and Honey Sweet Potato

Dol Sot Kimchi Cheese
Rice, seasoned vegetables, Kimchi, and melted cheese served in a stone hot pot with spicy sauce

Spicy Go Deung Uh Gui
Pan-grilled spicy marinated mackerel

Next stop..
Hazel Tea House for Bubble Tea
We are so ASIAN!

Libby made Fried Rice

Libby made Nasi Goreng

Seriously, creative enough
for someone in creative industries.. hor?

Do you know that the earliest sundials dates back to
3,500BC (Obelisk) and 1,500BC (Shadow Clocks)

Guess what we're cooking today..
CLUE 1: Peeling Garlic

Diu.. Nasty pink flip-flops

CLUE 2: Rack of Pork Ribs

Have to give Libby something to do (marinate ribs)
if not she'll fail peer evaluation

CLUE 3: Dark Soy Sauce

CLUE 4: Sachet of Mysterious Spices
Star anise, cinnamon, cloves, dang gui, fennel seeds

Answer will be disclosed after I fix this Rotation Fan
Libby brought from Woolies to prepare herself for Summer

BOB THE BUILDER can we fix this?
BOB THE BUILDER yes we can!

This dish was originally introduced from China
eaten by port coolies as a tonic to boost their health
Now, a common remedy for hangovers

There are three common styles:
1. Teochew: very peppery, light coloured soup
2. Hokkien: salty and dark coloured soup
3. Cantonese: herbal soup
(As you can see ours is DARK cos my mum is Hokkien! Haha..)

Woolies are selling these
SARA LEE ice-cream

for only $3.99! Its cheaper than 50% discount!

Dessert: Waffles with Mixed Berry Ice-cream

Jackpot Noodles
132 Boundary Street
West End

Jay Ng digs this place, but I reckon its the worst Asian food I've ever tasted
(Trust me, I'm Asian and have hell-of-a-picky tastebuds)
But recently they have done some transformational change with their menu
and some of the new/modified dishes are pretty good..

Stir-fried Beef and Kailan
Beef is tender, stir-fried with garlic
comes with rice and chicken corn soup
Very good value for money

However there seem to be too much corn-starch
in the chicken corn soup.. Its like gravy

Kung Pao Chicken with Rice
Well, this is not kung-pao style at all
Just simple stir-fried with some mild chilli
The authentic Sichuan Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡丁
has peanuts/cashew nuts and Shaoxing wine with
loads of chilli and peppercorns

Out kitchen used to be so clean

QUT Case Study for 3001HSL

Shop 1, 156 Boundary Street
West End

Regular / Large / Seriously Large
These paper bags are for their famous
chips with peri peri chilli powder

Half Chicken Meal
Nothing half-hearted here
Fresh A-grade chicken, marinated for 24 hours and basted with peri peri sauce.
Meal includes regular side and regular drink.
Need me to tell you how Nando's taste like? Seriously?

Luke Roberts - UFO
Public Art Commission, West End

A lot of people have asked me WTF is that
white piece of plastic crap beside The Three Monkeys
that has colour light coming out of it;
or public scam to waste tax-payers' hard-earned money
to beautify the abo-drinking-corner
This is your answer!

Little Malaysia (West End)
156 Boundary Street
West End

Went to tabao dinner, Nasi Goreng Ayam
Comes with a piece of papadum
Wait a minute, its all wrong!
You are not supposed to replace the noodles in Mee Goreng
with rice and call it Nasi Goreng
It doesn't work this way! FAIL!

Nasi Lemak
Comes with Beef Rendang, Curry Chicken and Sambal Egg
Everything is pretty good, except the rice
(which is not very lemak)

Went to Tabao dinner from
54 Mollison Street
West End

Special Fried Rice (large)
I took a gamble and lost.
With $6.50, Happy Days across the road gives me 2 extra dishes apart from the Fried Rice which is about the same standard. Also, there is only two pieces of 2.5cm chicken meat and two pieces of char siew which doesn't taste very fresh! Frozen peas was used. Approximately 1 small egg used.
Not impressed - seriously!

Cut Chilli with Soy Sauce
Give me back my money!

As of today (8 Nov 2010), the best Fried Rice is still from City Inn Mall
1. where the rice is easily 3 times more in quantity for the same price
2. you can customise it any way you want (spicy/bloody damn spicy)
3. 4 types of chilli condiments to choose from; plus its FREE!

My housemates made Banana Bread
It was orgasmic!

Redacliffe Place / Brisbane Square
266 George Street
Brisbane CBD

Kid: Not for Sale
There are some relatively popular entrepreneurs
and blogshop owners at this rummage
Lets check it out!


Very very very very good stuff

Fourth-generation video game console released in 1988
direct competitor to Super Nintendo Entertainment System
I have one of these at home and Sze Tat has one too
We spent endless hours playing old school games such as
Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra: Hard Corp, Street Fighter,
Golden Axe, Bare Knuckles etc
in our primary school days..

Tarot Card Reading

Your Organ Grinder
Get your supply of organs
made of felt and fleece

Miniature Food Jewellery

Crazy Libby

Laundry Prints Co.
Fine Film Photography

Spotted: Andi...

.. Tim and Ning
from the Cosplay Community

The legendary Feeona Chang

Leon and Peter
my good Taiwanese mates from GECTS
and surprise surprise..

Brisbane's Megan Fox

Lunch was Chicken Katsu Don
from Hanaichi (Wintergarden)

BATTLESHIP "Broadsides, the Game of Naval Strategy"
original pencil and paper game by Milton Bradley Company 1931
In 1977 they released a computerised Electronic Battleship
followed by Electronic Talking Battleship in 1989
Vintage shit!

Jackson and Bella
Vintage styled floral headbands

Yining, Libby and Trixia (TRIXIAVE)

Yining the Baker
brought Lemon Cookies


NEW $19

Missed this Rummage?
The next one is 05 December 2010 (Sunday)
at King George Square

Myer Centre Christmas Decoration

(click image to enlarge)
Email from Lin Xiaojie (no idea who he/she is)
Seriously, "Horrible English" would probably be your answer from the tutor..

My Exam Timetable

What more motivation do you need?

Some crazy-ass advertisement from QVOD
One word - 紧!
Four words - 当当当当!
Six words - 佛山 永春 叶问!

Callme-King Leong Ming En has found Lindy Chong's pass away date
Cause: eaten by crazed broccoli
Date: June 26 of 2072 at 11:19 pm.
Age: 83 years old

I'm playing this crazy new game now
Platform: Facebook

So what you do is, clear the forest
and build carnival games and
buildings to prepare for the Princess' Wedding
Everyday, the irritating trees grow back
(unless you've built something over it)
and you have to chop them
Else the trees will scare your visitors
who will pee all over the place..
Very cute!

Oh yes.. and every now and then
Grim Reaper and Domeki pops up to scare your visitors as well
you have to whack their heads with a spade to banish them.


1. Hokkien Mee + Char Kueh Teow
2. Carrot Cake + Oyster Omelette
3. Claypot Bak Kut Teh
4. BBQ Sting Ray + Satay
5. Mee Hoon Kueh + Ban Mian
6. Claypot Chicken Rice
7. Katong Laksa + Ampang Niang Tou Fu
8. Hainanese Chicken Rice + James Duck Rice
9. Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup
10. Roti Prata with Teh Ais + Tulang

Oh yes.. I will be going back to Singapore
for a couple of days next week.
Those people who wanna celebrate an early birthday with me
(unless we are talking about camera lenses, heh heh)
cos it will be troublesome for me to keep in Singapore
or bring it to Brisbane and through customs
Much thanks. Hor?


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