Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mt. Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

Wanton Soup from Happy Days
68A Boundary Street
West End

Marlies gave us Kinder Schoko-Bons
small milk chocolate eggs with hazelnut and white chocolate fillings
known as Milky Bites to the rest of the world

Woke up at 6am this morning
I'm too tired, so just enjoy the photos ok?

Arrived at Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens
Mount Coot-Tha Road

Pomegranate (Punica Granatum)
I used to have this in my balcony
when I was living in Hougang

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Special thanks to
Jestyn Koh + Sui-guan Teo

Bei Jing House 北京楼
45 Queen Street
Brisbane CBD

Chinese Tea

Taro Cake 芋頭糕
taro cakes made with shitake mushrooms, dried shrimps and pork
pretty good but its cold =_="

Shrimp Dumpling 蝦餃
shrimp in wheat starch skin
this is pretty good, but the skins are not smooth enough

Cheong Fun 腸粉
rice noodle rolls that comes with a selection of fillings such as beef, dough fritter, shrimp, bbq pork; topped with sweetened soy sauce
like the above, skins are not silky smooth enough - sloppy!

Steamed Buns 小籠包
shanghai-style dumplings that has pork and seafood with broth inside
there's too little broth inside the dumpling
but the broth is tasty

Char Siew Bao 叉燒包
cantonese bbq pork bun
buns are not sweet or hot

Siu Mai 燒賣
pork, prawn, crab roe and mushrooms in wheat flour wrapper
this is pretty tasty! i like it!
the pork is flavorful and juicy.
whoever say this is a "dim sim" will get a slap from me

Egg Tarts 蛋撻
egg custard in flaky puff pastry
biggest disappointment
sweetness is just right
but the puff pastry is hard and not crispy

Total Damage: $39 for 3 pax
Return Factor: 6.5/10

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