Saturday, November 27, 2010


Happy 2811, everybody!
Because its my comic blog -
's birthday today, we have some great offers for you today..

FREE railway bus from
south brisbane train station to the city!

FREE games and bonus dollars
when you play arcade at TIMEZONE

Hainanese Chicken Rice from Nudo's on Mary
I'm quite anal when I eat chicken rice
This dish is not the best but one of the best in brissy, i reckon
Student discount available!

Cookies and Cream from The Three Monkey Really good stuff! Go try!

Never changed for the past 5 years
Wherever I go.. its always LATTE
Boring boring life..

No whay! Alodia Gosiengfiao's poster
at The Three Monkeys

Thats right! She was here yesterday for
Supanova Madman Cosplay Nationals
She's da bomb!
(photo stolen from her facebook.. heh)

Saw this comment from Pete M
on my post from Workshops Rail Museum
The old mate's camera battery was flat and
asked if i have any spare AAs;
I gave him my blog URL instead
Told him he could grab photos from there
Indeed he was tech-savvy enough to find me

"Hello Clarice, I want to play a game.. "
_Hannibal Lecter

Took a couple of shots from my room
Lets see if you can identify any of the below
Answer at the bottom of this post..

Specimen A.

Specimen B.

Specimen C.

Specimen D.

Specimen E.

Specimen F.

Specimen G.

Specimen H.

Highlight the space below to reveal the answers
Specimen A. - Microsoft Mouse
Specimen B. - iPhone Cover
Specimen C. - Sketch Book Cover
Specimen D. - TP Mouse Pad
Specimen E. - PEZ Rex
Specimen F. - Kikki.K Pencil Case
Specimen G. - Hair Clip
Specimen H. - iPhone USB

Comic Special for 28 November 2010

Keep Rollin' and have a good day!

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