Thursday, November 25, 2010


Previously on MYDEMONINYOU
iPhone updates..

Encounter with the Chokos again..
This must be a Vietnamese area


I think DOLLY magazines are like
SEVENTEEN in Singapore

Taraxacum Officinale aka Common Dandelion
Sometimes used as medicine and food
They are similiar to hawkseeds (inedible)
You can differentiate by checking the stem
Dandelion are borne singly on unbranched, hairless, leafless, hollow stems

Sambal Kang Kong with Rice
from Little Malaysia
Quite steam! But not spicy enough
even after I asked for extra spicy

156 Boundary Street
West End

Yap S Yen's Stitch in a Hamburger

Takeaway from Happy Days
Super value for money
Fried rice with sweet and sour fish and lamb curry
under $10
68A Boundary Street
West End

Zin's Birthday Party

85 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

Side dishes were kinda horrible
(from top clockwise)
crispy dough tidbit, cabbage, raddish

Sweet and Sour Chicken
The marination is pretty good
Chicken remains juicy
However not impressive

Spicy Chicken
Really spicy! Same as above.
Its the sweet chilli kinda spicy.
Still not fantastic.

Return Factor: 6/10

Guess what I'm holding?
Looks like a landmine or UFO right?

Fried Rice from Jackpot Dining
Not the best but pretty good value for money
comes with quite a number of prawns
under $10 too!
132 Boundary Street
West End

Went to take a look at my FRIENDSTER
Pretty cool!
I was a sexy bear in yellow bikini

Made myself Minced Chicken Spaghetti Bolognese
Lazy days..

Took a really really long train ride to IPSWICH

Students on Concessional tickets must not
occupy seats whilst adults are standing

In Singapore, we protect our future generation..

Finally arrived at IPSWICH
For twenty minutes I was at the railway station
There wasn't a single Asian plus
there were policemen questioning delinquents and patrolling
Yes, it looks like a fairly unsafe place for me to be at

Here. I’m hoping once you reap
the endorphic rewards of the steady clickety-clack
of steel wheels on polished rails,
your sour disposition will abate.

Rail Shop Tour
We embarked on the moving platform
while it brought us to the Rail Shop..

Lots of antique steam trains
that weigh hundreds of tonnes
and oh yes.. I was probably the only Asian in the museum

and many tiny train models
This one here was the very first steam train invented by
inventor, George Stephenson (England) in 1822

Lots of fun Science stuff to play with too
to help you understand how trains work
This one here is a magnet

Here's a QR Train Simulator

The graphics are exact from a Brisbane rail view
Pretty cool, you get to pull handles and turn knobs

Largest model railway set in Queensland

Pretty awesome right?

Here's how they repair and touch up the models

This is what his office looks like..


I think trains are pretty cool
but most people here are old farts
I think I'm getting old.. seriously..

Blimely! Its an anagram of my comic blog

How? Got the Jay Chou "feel"?
Maybe I should make this monochrome..

火車叨位去, yes?

Nippers' Wharf
No its not "nipples", a nipper is a nickname
often given to the youngest member of a railway gang

Lots of children story books about trains
for your little nipples nippers
Thomas the Train is visiting the museum in December!

Now I'm a coal shoveler
shoving coals into the boiler
but i'm too tough so I use my hands instead!

Please do not let me draw at Kids Corners
My drawings give kids nightmares

Now I'm a modern-day train operator
talking to Katrina Bowden on my duty

Time for lunch..

Beef Burger with Chips
Pretty awesome for a simple hamburger!

After lunch, I went for the
Blacksmith Tour

Oh look! A metal brassiere!
I've no idea what it actually is,
but its made by TAFE students..

They making a new spike for an old pickaxe
clink clank clink clank

Now she's demonstrating how to weld two tin bars together
no its not Brisbane Riverfire..
feels like Ironman making his armor, yes?


Huge clamps to pinch employees' ass
when they are slacking off..

Powerhouse, built in 1902
supplied electrcity, compressed air and hydraulic power
to Ipswich Railway Workshops till the mid 1930s

Gonna catch that blue train,
gonna bring my baby back.. (Kenny Rogers)
The 3'6" gauge DD17 1051
is awaiting manufacture of a new boiler

Oh look! Penny Press!
Created in Illinois, Chicago 1892

Some of my friends collect these
but if you wanna get the full set/missing pieces,
you can find them from the manufacturer HERE

Visit on Saturdays to sit on Santa's lap

More photos at

Ah! This was what I talked about in my blog
couple of weeks ago..
Harmonia Conformis aka "Large Spotted Ladybird Beetles"
They can be commonly found in Brisbane early Summer
6-8mm long, bright orange and has around 20 black dots

While this one here, is a Coccinella Transversalis
aka "Transverse Ladybird"
Its about 5mm long, bright orange to red in colour
often found in story books and cartoons.. Haha!

Blimely! Its another sign to read my comic blog

Congrats to Casey Barratt
made it to MX newspaper today!




Anonymous said...

Hey, oh Demon King, an excellent blog, great photos. i am the old bugger you gave your blog address to at the Railway Museum. Thanks very much!!
Pete M

KING MING said...

Hey mate, you may find the rest of the photos here