Tuesday, November 30, 2010


2811 flew past
like a blink of an eye this year

Ajisen Ramen (CBD)
14 George Street
Brisbane City

15. Deluxe Ramen
Prawn, mussel, squid, scallop, soft-shell crab
pretty awesome! there are so many ingredients inside..

Japanese Green Tea Parfait
fruits and jelly and azuki beans and green tea ice-cream

Sawadee Ka (West End)
6/220 Melbourne Street
West End

Tom Yum Chicken Soup (S)
pretty good, flavorful soup.
rather satisfying.

canned silkworm pupa, anyone?

found this in my closet - Sweet Chilli Grain Waves
bought it in sem 1 this year O_O

Pho Hung Restaurant (Sunnybank)
319 Mains Road
Sunnybank Market Square

Phở Đặc Biệt
Special combination beef noodle soup
rare beef, tendon, tripe, beef ball, brisket
soup is very tasty so are the meats and offals
absolutely delicious
one of the best pho i've eaten so far for sure

Food Quality: 9/10
Value for Money: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Return Factor: 9/10

Its my birthday today
Let's see what I've done today...

1. Took some macro photography in my room

2. Skype with Libby Chong for a bit

3. Dinner gathering at Melbourne Hotel (West End)
with Jay, Dylan, Kellybestie, Yen, Ken Tan, Eldreth, Calvin, James, San Dong, Bee Kuan, Jiayan, Sato, Fadila, Jestyn, Xinying, Xinjie, Wendy

T-Bone Steak in Port Wine Sauce with Chips and Salad
300g steak, the sauce wasn't fantastic
but the t-bone was pretty good
chips is lovely

The two cakes baked and prepared by
Yen, Kellybestie, Sato and Fadila
Thank you ladies!

Total Damage: $193.00

After-dinner coffee at The Three Monkeys
58 Mollison Street
West End

A very special birthday card from Libby Chong
best present in the whole wide world!

Thanks to Setsuko Val
for the special birthday message as well!

I'm watching this show now call - NIKITA
Maggie Q as a rouge spy/assasin, Nikita
Lyndsy Fonseca as Nikita's mole, Alex
very very sexy show.. every episode is sexy
how can they show this on national tv?

Sem 2 results are out
din do very well.. kinda disappointed

Thanks to all who also shared this special day
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Thank you everybody.. I had an awesome day 3011! =D
I know there will be more
but i need to sleep by cut-off time
2am (brisbane) 12am (singapore)



Saturday, November 27, 2010


Happy 2811, everybody!
Because its my comic blog - mingon2811.blogspo.com/
's birthday today, we have some great offers for you today..

FREE railway bus from
south brisbane train station to the city!

FREE games and bonus dollars
when you play arcade at TIMEZONE

Hainanese Chicken Rice from Nudo's on Mary
I'm quite anal when I eat chicken rice
This dish is not the best but one of the best in brissy, i reckon
Student discount available!

Cookies and Cream from The Three Monkey Really good stuff! Go try!

Never changed for the past 5 years
Wherever I go.. its always LATTE
Boring boring life..

No whay! Alodia Gosiengfiao's poster
at The Three Monkeys

Thats right! She was here yesterday for
Supanova Madman Cosplay Nationals
She's da bomb!
(photo stolen from her facebook.. heh)

Saw this comment from Pete M
on my post from Workshops Rail Museum
The old mate's camera battery was flat and
asked if i have any spare AAs;
I gave him my blog URL instead
Told him he could grab photos from there
Indeed he was tech-savvy enough to find me

"Hello Clarice, I want to play a game.. "
_Hannibal Lecter

Took a couple of shots from my room
Lets see if you can identify any of the below
Answer at the bottom of this post..

Specimen A.

Specimen B.

Specimen C.

Specimen D.

Specimen E.

Specimen F.

Specimen G.

Specimen H.

Highlight the space below to reveal the answers
Specimen A. - Microsoft Mouse
Specimen B. - iPhone Cover
Specimen C. - Sketch Book Cover
Specimen D. - TP Mouse Pad
Specimen E. - PEZ Rex
Specimen F. - Kikki.K Pencil Case
Specimen G. - Hair Clip
Specimen H. - iPhone USB

Comic Special for 28 November 2010

Keep Rollin' and have a good day!