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HANAICHI Sushi Bar + Dining
Brisbane CBD

I'm here today with Libby
to have some sushi breakfast

This is a Kaiten-zushi concept 回転寿司 sushi bar (conveyor belt)
The interesting thing about Australia is that MOST of these
kaiten-zushi are on a train track instead of a conveyor belt
hence, we call it "Sushi Train" here!

This 回転寿司 concept was invented by Yoshiaki Shiraishi in 1958
He was inspired by watching beer bottles on conveyor belts in Asahi Brewery

The Science
The ideal speed of the belt is considered to be 8cm per second
slow enough to ensure safe transport and
fast enough to bring enough volume to the customers
Also not fast enough such that sushi will dry
The belt also runs clockwise to allow customers to lift the plates
easily with their left hand while the right hand is holding the chopsticks

Eureka Tower, Melbourne has a touch-screen monitor
at every table allowing customers to choose what they want more on the belt
saving wastage of excess sushi from 7% to 2%

Egg Salad Sushi
This one is really good
Just the right taste

Assorted Deep-fried Snack Plate
They come with sweet chilli sauce
Some has shrimps inside etc

Shake Nigiri Sushi
Fresh and tasty
The fish doesn't fall off the sushi easily
unlike many "chapalang" sushi bars here
so instead of nigiri, they wrap everything in a big roll
to save on training and complaints

Takoyaki たこ焼き
Popular Osaka cuisine made famous by Endo Tome
Usually made with a takoyaki pan たこ焼き器
made of iron cast with many half-spherical moulds
Today we can see variations in ingredients used
such as prawns, bacon, cheese besides the conventional octopus

Tuna Salad Maki

Ebi Fry Sushi
I realise Libby likes to eat Ebi Fry a lot

Red $3.50
Blue $3.90
Green $4.50
Yellow $5.00
Black $7.00

My mates - Amanuma and Zin
Zin recommends their Sashimi, Tempura and Soft Shell Crab
Do say "hi" to them if you were to drop by the sushi bar!

[Our Ratings]
Libby: 9/10
King Ming: 8.5/10
Return Factor: 9/10

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Saw a cool but extremely uncomfortable-looking
motorcycle outside TEA ETC

Guess who?

Into the BAT MOBILE! Vroommm...

Went to Spice Bazaar to run some errands
1965 Logan Road
Mt. Gravatt

Heh.. Obesity Prevention!
Anyways you can get all your Indian spices etc here
We came to buy some muruku.

After an hour-long drive
We finally saw the Surfers Paradise Skywheel
(60m tall / 15 storeys high, similiar to Wheel of Brisbane)

Do you know that this wheel was originally located at Sea World?
The formely known Sea World Eye shut down in 2007
after a similiar ferris wheel designed by the same manufacturer
killed 5 people (including a 68-yr old and a 7-yr old) in Busan, South Korea

Its VEGAS, baby!

GOLDEN LEGENDS Malaysian Seafood Restaurant
Shop 1&2, 3041 Surfers Paradise Blvd
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Coming all the way from Brisbane
King Ming, Zin, Linda and Ian

We're here today to have our annual
End of Semester Dinner
with Griffith Singapore Students Association

Our very own Bruce Lee look-alike, Zhenhao (left)

Check out what I'm holding..

Sliced Red Chilli and Sambal Chilli!!!

First dish arrived..

01. Apple Chicken Soup
Refreshing and appetising
Item not in restaurant menu

What? A huge bread to share among ourselves?
At least give us some olive oil or butter!

The wait staff uncovers the mystery...

Everyone focused as she cuts open the bread

Aha! Its curry chicken inside!

I think she explained its call what "咖喱包" or something
Should be similiar to our "金枕头"

02. Curry Chicken and Potato with Bread
This is ultimate delicious!
The curry is fragrant, chicken is tender
and the bread is sweet and tasty
The restaurant sells it without the bread for $16.80

Third dish has a beautifully carved carrot dragon

03. Scallops in Yam Basket
The yam was deep-fried crispy
and the scallops were fresh and not frozen
Love it!
The restaurant sells this without the yam for $19.80

04. Black Pepper Beef
Spicy and tender

Hainanese Chicken Rice's Rice
The restaurant sells the chicken rice for $16.80
The oily and flavourful rice is cooked with pandan leaves and chicken broth

05. Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables
Has all your favourite brocolli, carrot, cauliflower, asparagus etc

06. Chilli Calamari
The calamari is fresh
but we found a strand of hair
on the ornamental flower

07. Combination Claypot
It has prawns, chicken, corn, cabbage, bean curd etc
This dish is one my favourite in Singapore (kinda)
Hmmm.. its not quite up to standard though

08. Steamed Fish
This fish was alive when we came into the restaurant
I'm quite upset

09. Fruits Platter
Watermelon, Orange and Coconut Jelly


Food Quality: 8.5/10
Food Presentation: 9/10
Value for Money: /10 (based on menu)
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10
Return Factor: 10/10



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Give me back my motorboat!

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