Friday, October 15, 2010


58 Mollison Street
West End

Happy Birthday, Elena!
They provide sparklers if you are
going to celebrate a birthday! =D

River Room
Stamford Plaza Hotel

There was a very inspirational talk by
Mr. Dennis Goh, director of GTW Holdings Pte Ltd
He's a really funny speaker!

Nice river view from Stamford Hotel

Lets check out what's on the buffet menu
Jasmine Rice, Green Curry Chicken, Aloo Gobi

Prawn fritters, Mee Goreng, Dumplings

cupcakes, blueberry cheesecakes, chocoloate brownies etc

Dennis' fan boys - quite a sight!

Thank you OSU for organising this event.

Submitted 2216HSL Rooms Division Assignment
Completed Presentation for 3120HSL Managing Culturally Diverse Workplace today
Working on 3119HSL Ecotourism Assignment
After that have to study for 4 Exam Papers
Seriously, will it ever end?

Meat Lasagne (Beef)

Ham & Mushroom Fettucine

Best in town - KING MING says!
(for the 61,483th time)

Absolutely delicious and fresh ingredients used!

165 Melbourne Street
South Brisbane

Christmas is coming..
I can feel it!

162 Boundary Street
West End

Everyone's at Domino's on TUESDAYS
cos LARGE pizzas are all $5.90 each!

Classic Creamy Chicken (L)

4pc Chicken Wings
4 pieces of one-thirds wing
not exactly crispy nor spicy enough
kinda sloppy - not recommended

Garlic Bread
This is awesome!
Garlic is tasty and generous.

Goodness! Rotten Feet on lecture chairs!
Seriously ROTTEN!
(click image to enlarge)

The new N76 Commercial Heart is estimated to complete
on 22 July 2011.. How cool is that?
Too bad I won't get to use it!

New features includes:
1. Central courtyard with canopy
2. Student Centre
3. Extended Library
4. Bookshop
5. Cafe
6. 5 Seminar Rooms

Jeila gave Sam and myself WRIGLEY'S chewing gum
Essential during boring lectures

A4-sized full slide lecture prints
for the visually-impaired (Samantha)

I always eat HANAICHI (Wintergarden)
on Wednesdays and Fridays
I think I'm a creature of habits
Image above is Chicken Curry Rice

Wintergarden is their first outlet,
they now have 9 chains at the following location:
1. Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre
2. Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre
3. Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre
4. Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre
5. Indooroopilly Shopping Centre
6. Wintergarden Food Court
7. MacArther Central
8. Pacific Fair Shopping Centre (Gold Coast)
9. QV Square (Melbourne City)

150 Boundary Street
West End

I've recently came across a couple of internet review
that George's Seafood sells stale, off seafood that smells rancid
and also their service is terrible
So I went to investigate..

Watch video here

See for yourself!
Personally from this experience, this is how I would rate it..
Food Quality: 7/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Return Factor: 8/10
Other Remarks: Definitely fresh and tasty too!

I like to do mask and I cannot lie
Must have got something to do
with my 仮面ライダー childhood days
Amanuma says he's got their belt too!

TOP SUSHI (Queen Street)
They have a new Fresh Salmon with Mango
Did not pull it off!
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Fresh Salmon and Unagi Roll

68A Boundary Street
West End

Their menu are pretty much the same everyday
but I quite like to eat there
cos its kinda like comfort food to me
having a Chup Chai Peng (杂菜饭) concept

The above picture is of their original shop front
where Jay used to go during his earlier days here
Now they have renovated into a nice air-conditioned restaurant

Look familiar?
Chalk Artist, Julian Beever did this piece for Hilton Hotel Brisbane
He's EXTREMELY famous for his 3D chalk art
It will be there from 11-15 Oct
If you have missed it, you can always go visit him in UK.

We're here today in Griffith University Nathan Campus
Lets see whats happening!

Lots of nice food!

Chicken Pad Thai

Om nom nom!

FREE Ben and Jerry ice-cream giveaway

Yes its free! Plus free-flow!
I love Ben and Jerry ice-cream!

My pick:
Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Sherry, Nao and Stephanie
Steph is in her Farmville costume specially for today!

See the resemblance?

And of course, at every event
FREE Red Bull giveaway
No hot babes this time though..

FREE Go! Card
with $10 value inside

Spotted Claire and Chow

FREE Air Brush Tattoo

FREE Basketball Games

FREE Silly Donkey

Kinda fun, yes?

Contribution by Responsible Citizen, Ming
(same name as me, but its not me)

MRT lifts are designed for the middle-aged
Senior citizens please wait for your turn!

More disgusting people at

Some old faded memories
Old Changi Hospital - one of the haunted sites in Singapore

OPHIX at Temasek Polytechnic DnD

I think this is AFA event in Singapore
Had a reconciliation with Alodia Gosiengfiao

Food Review for a local magazine in Singapore
quite some time ago at SAIZERIYA, Liang Court

Found this when I googled "POCKET FROG"
Its one of the iPhone games I'm playing now
Look! Blythe Dolls!
I like Blythe Dolls and I cannot lie!

Can anyone tell me why
Amanda Righetti's neh neh are so big?

Oh yes, I'm watching THE MENTALIST now!
Look who I spotted..
Stuart the comic book shop guy!

And you thought you'll never hear of Surfin' Bird?
Peter Griffith sings it again in S09E03
Everybody knows that the BIRD is the word!

Big Bang Theory S04E4
I feel that its detrioriating!
The first 2 episodes of Season 4 was so good
USD20,000 an episode makes you sloppy?

More DotA screenshots that nobody wants to see
Anyway, 6.69 map is out already!
Significant new features includes:

Shorter Unstable Concoction stun for level 1-3
AOE effect in Unstable Concoction

Battle Hunger stun increased to 10%
Cooldown of Culling Blade with Aghanim to 10sec

HP reduced

Bone Fletcher
Death Pact damage reduced

Bounty Hunter
Jinada critical strike increased
Track cast range increased

Increased XP for killing Spiderlings

Crystal Maiden
Crystal Nova slow duration decreased, damage increased

Doom Bringer
Base armor reduced
Doom cast range reduced

Aghanim increases attack and impetus range

Omnislash does not waste strike on banished units

Lone Druid
True Form movement speed increased
Spirit Bear attack points increased

Pulse Nova AOE increased

Eclipse with Aghanim target limit increased
Strength growth, movement speed increased

Phantom Assassin
Base strength increased
Strength growth decreased
Phantom Strike cooldown decreased

Pit Lord
Dark Rift AOE increased

Night vision reduced
Shackle Shot search angle reduced

Tried to play some Final Fantasy RPG on WC3
Tedious as hell! FML!

Are you a geek?
RAZER is giving away free gaming gears
mouse, keyboard etc etc geeky stuff
They have 1,300 to give away worldwide
You just have to fill in your particulars
and verify your email to be in the Lucky Draw

Showed Libby my favourite Hindi movie of all time
Yes.. The subtitles are the same in the cinemas

Here's my music video for the week
This song gives me goosepimples when i listen to it
Sean Paul - Hold My Hand


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