Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 2010 . Chilly . Brisbane

68A Boundary Street
West End

I had Wanton Noodles Soup
Char Siew was really good! =d

Melbourne Hotel
10 Browning Street
West End

I'm here today with Libby Chong
I know, my hair is like poop
and my face is like @#%R$#^#
I know..

We're here today to try their
$14 Lunch Special
Monday - Sunday until 4pm

Iced water was served
with a wedge of lemon =)

Fresh Apple Juice
Lemon Lime Bitter

250g rump steak served with chips and garden salad plus your choice of sauce (port wine jus, diane, pepper, mushroom)
Doesn't feel like 250g at all, I believe it was 170g
and I'm pretty damn good at visual-weight
However the steak was tasty
the diane-styled gravy was pretty alright
(not to be mistaken by Steak Diane)
Salad was fresh and not soaked, cucumber was a bit too ice-cold
Chips perfectly salted

Beer Battered Barramundi
served with chips and garden salad
The fish is REALLY good.
Maybe its because I love barramundi!
Delicious much

After that we went to get
Korean Watermelon Ice-cream

Little Lily Sushi Bar & Thai
20/8 Carraway Street
Kelvin Grove

Yes food again..
See how fat we are!
Wo ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

Chicken Hokkien Noodles
Libby's favourite dish in the restaurant
It taste like mee goreng to me

Stir-fried Garlic and Chilli Duck
Quite tasty
Kinda miss eating duck meat
If the skin were crispy it would be perfect!

Jasmine Rice
Their rice is very fragrant!

Food Quality: 7/10
Return Factor: 7/10

Chiasso Coffee
Had Iced-coffee
Not worth mentioning

Went to Grey Gum Park
to do some shooting..

with Libby, Keith, Faith, Yining and Jestyn

Seriously, I din see any Grey Gum in or around the park
Grey Gums are also known as Eucalyptus Punctata
Many people like to call it "Koala Food Tree"
顾名思义 because koalas eat the leaves

and Libby ate my Magnum

17 OCT 2010 (SUN)
Roma Street Parkland
10am - 5pm

There were SO MANY people at the park!

and yes..
Aussies love to lie, sit, roll on the grass!

Here's one rolling happily down the slopes.
I hope there're no glass shards or dog poop.

Kids forming teams to play soccer!

I love giraffe
I don't think there's a reason

I used join Inter-school or district
Chinese Caligraphy competitions with
Chew Sze Tat and Ou Jia Wei
I bet we all write like shit now!

Hair Plaiting

Marijuana Music

Everybody say "JAI HO!"

Rich girls who shoot in AUTO mode
So envious!

3.50pm La Gran Salsa

Patient Father

Fluffy Soft Toy

4.35pm The Twine
Australia's Got Talent finalist
Readers may remember that I last saw them at
Davies Park West End Market

White Dad, Black Dad

Oh yes, Aussies love to put their children
on their shoulders also
Traditional Chinese people however believe that
we have "flames" on our shoulders
When our "flames" must be exposed at all times
else we'll have bad luck

"NB! Why my balloons won't fly?"
I love red balloons
Sometimes I dream of setting free
99 Red Balloons

HANAICHI (Wintergargen)

Handsome lil fella'
Pardalophora Apiculata
It escaped a crow attacked swiftly
but din dodge my shot

I always wonder why there are bottles of water in the toilet
Then I thought maybe in some cultures
people are not used to toilet paper
They still trust water better..

Luca lazing in the sun

58 Mollison Street
West End

Tuna Sandwich

Cookies and Cream
This is our champion cake
Its nomi nom nom tasty

Bumped into two of my best pals in Uni
Shinichi and Zin

Melbourne Hotel
10 Browning Street
West End

Fresh Apple Juice
Lemon Lime Bitter

Ribs for One
700g Prime Pork Ribs
We usually share ribs cos we can't finish it
but today's portion was kinda small, like 500g?
Like the lunch we had the other day
They seem to be cutting down on portion-size
but have yet to correct the menu

Mash Potatoes
Love it! Its tasty and creamy!

Total Damage: $23.90 for 2 pax

The Pancakes Manor
18 Charlotte Street
Brisbane City

We're here after Ribs to have Pancakes!

Two buttermilk pancakes with grilled bananas, butterscotch sauce, cream and vanilla ice cream
Very nice! =D

Was playing this silly zombie-shooting game
Where they generate these cool images
when you pass a certain stage
Now what do I do with these pictures?

Comic Blog Updated (finally)

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