Saturday, October 9, 2010

HELLO OCTOBER! Love, West End!

Why did the Ibis cross the road?
That is the question..

Print Print Print
Zap Zap Zap
Lecture notes kill trees!

My lecturer from Hong Kong, Emily Ma

We got this new building
but I won't get to use it..

Hakataya Noodle Shop 博多屋
Shop 27B Sunnybank Plaza

They only serve 4 kinds of Tonkotsu Ramen
1. Nagahama Ramen (Pork)
2. Char Siu Ramen (Pork)
3. Karaka Ramen (Pork)
4. Miso Spicy Ramen (Pork)
Gyoza $7
Ton-meshi $6.50

Takana (Spicy Japanese Pickles)

Karaka Ramen
Japanese Spicy noodles Soup
Not impressive. Soup is VERY weak.
Seaweed and Char Siew are pitifully few.

(Extra noodles)
This is the BEST part!
Its free! Free extra noodles!

Zin: 7/10
Justin: 8/10
Return Factor: 5/10 (Unlikely)

There's another outlet at
Shop 26 Centre Arcade
3131 Surfers Paradise Blvd
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Lets play a Thursday N06 game..

NANDOS (West End)
Shop 1, 156 Boundary Street
West End
HALAL حلال

Half-Chicken Meal
Flame-grilled chicken
Fresh A-grade chicken, marinated for 24 hours & basted with Lemon & Herb or the PERi-PERi sauce of your choice.

Many of my friends tell me their
Non-halal outlets taste better than the halal ones
You decide!

Obaltan Restaurant
91 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane City

Free flow side dishes
Libby prefers the ones at Madtongsan
She prefers the Kimchi and Macaroni Salad there

육개장 Yuk Gae Jang
Spicy beef soup with potato noodle
Soup is tasty

순두부찌개 Soon Dubu Jji Gae
Spicy bean curd soup with seafood & egg
Soup is tasty

알탕 Al Tang
Fish roe & mixed vegetables soup
Soup is tasty and I like fish roe
Ok.. I've reviewed this before
To read it check out my older posts at Obaltan

Comes with a bowl of rice
There! It was good.
I returned.

58 Mollison Street
West End

Mango Cheese Cake
Libby din like it
Said it din taste of mango at all
She prefers the Cookies and Cream

I have no idea what this is
but its been on my patio for two weeks
Who's is it anyway?

(Photo from Feeona Chang)
KFC = Kick from Chuck
Don't get it?
Chuck Norris appeared in Way of the Dragon with Bruce Lee
and Walker, Texas Ranger
Still doesn't ring a bell? Generation gap!

Richard's girlfriend, Yang Xuan
let me log into her KAI XIN account
(kinda like REN REN, China's Facebook)
to check out her pretty friend..

Thumbnails can be deceiving
I thought its Joelyn's mum

Another classic Facebook status message by our Sony Sensei

Congrats to my brother, Matt Leo
New girlfriend!
Doice and myself thought they were a perfect match =D

My exam timetable is out

Lots of DotA screenshots
that nobody is interested in..
I just wanna waste your bandwidth

Dug out some old photos..
Here.. take a look!

My sister's birthday in the old Hougang house
I'm the one front row second from right

My younger days at Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)
I was the youngest student journalist ever
back then in 1996
Ok, I'm the first guy in black with the kuku hair

Lester's birthday at his house
Rare gathering of Animal Farm
Me, Junwen, Zhiyang and Lester

Watch video here

Had a dream of them few days ago
We went to this restaurant to celebrate ZY's birthday
at Parkway, after that went to some HDB apartment
and monsters started rushing at us like L4D
So we killed them.. It was a fun action dream!

Jean Ivy Peishi Guanzuo and myself
were the HTM dream team in Captains Ball
Won 3 years consequetive champion

A few of us, Orientation Leaders from OPHIX
got together and film this for fun

My last project at Sentosa's
Tourism Academy Sentosa (TAS) was this
CAPTAIN GREEN thingy with
Krishan, Aloy, Aerola, Rahim and Aaron Teo

Here's another one we did
around the same period of time
for some Lecturer Appreciation Day

Watch video here

Watch ACTUALLY I.. here

Actually I.. was a webisode I made with my classmates
just for fun, pretty low resolution production
Also marks the end of my Temasek Days
It was featured on U-WEEKLY magazine and
a local chinese newspaper once.. Pretty cool huh?

Laguna Days with Jonapong, Edwin Gan and Naz
Extreme Trolley/Buggy and Cooler Box Bowling

Everyone say "Alodia Gosiengfiao"
some time ago when I was assigned to
bring our fellow Philippinos around Singapore

JAZ, the crazy bitch who always pop out of nowhere
when my life is coming to a turning point

So I left Singapore for Brisbane
Look at Jay, he only gets fatter everytime you see him

Gorm, Ivy, Chris and myself

RADIO 4EB LalaLand FM98.1
My group - Yen, Faith, Regina and myself
I'm not broadcasting anymore
but do stream in on Sundays 10pm (BNE) 8pm (SG)

Fraser Island with Dylan and Sean
(photo by Sean)

Jay and myself, on a hitch-hiking trip
Brisbane-Gold Coast-Byron Bay-Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne
(in-land route)
We made it!

Libby, pocket-sized!


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