Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dinner was at MADTONGSAN II
85 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane CBD

Free-flow side dishes

Soon Doo Boo Ji Gae 순두부 찌개
Spicy soft tofu, (seafood/pork) and vegetable soup
topped with a raw egg
I seriously did not see the raw egg?
Gimme my egg! Seki Sheeba!

What is "POARCHED" by the way?

I like to pretend I know how to speak Burmese
Its fun cos nothing makes sense
"Sar ya aung" means "Eat together"

Saw a nice Harmonia Conformis at Mt. Gravatt Busway
It is also known as the "Large Spotted Ladybird Beetles"
They can be commonly found in Brisbane early Summer
6-8mm long, bright orange and has around 20 black dots
Very cute indicator for Summer!

Little Hong Kong
Shop 23A Market Square

Roast Duck with Rice 招牌烧鸭饭
It wasn't fantastic, but still tasty
a quick fix for comfort food
Many of my friends prefers Golden BBQ at Valley

I spotted Jonapong Chan's twin/clone!

Went back to uni after lunch
but was still too early..

So I went to Calvin Toh's hostel to chill
Watched some Russell Peters

Look what I found on his wall
ALICIA PAN (October 2010 FHM Girl)
My Chung Cheng (main) schoolmates will remember her
The last time I heard about her
she was in a singing career trying to break into Taiwanese market

潘瑋儀 (November 11, 1984)
Watch video here -

BABYFACE poster 22 Oct 2010
Come on! You can use a better poster girl

I like to read silly/crude messages in the cubicals
Some of them are really funny!

A lot of tutors in Griffith Uni are pulling stunts lately
Car break-down, Emergency leave etc
I'm not convinced!

Some local native Aussies are far worse presenters
than those International China students - TRUTH!

There are a lot of these stupid signs
on public transportation here in Brisbane
Bus operators with DNA kits, Secret surveillance cameras etc
Such a mockery of Aussie intelligence
or maybe they are really that dumb

Elections in Griffith Uni
reminds me of my Temasek Polytechnic days
running for Business Studies Club

Received a Silly MMS from Libby
She cut her own fringe

City Inn Mall
LG-1 245 Albert Street
Brisbane CBD

Beef Egg Rice
The beef are really tender
and the egg gravy is nice
Simple dish, good portion size

I know a lot of people condemned this restaurant
but I like to eat here cos they have nice red sliced chilli
which makes everything taste good
Also it is rarely crowded

Krispy Kreme's latest promotion
Dress up in your best halloween costume
in their participating stores and get a
(19 Oct - 31 Oct)

New Scary Donuts:
Spooky Skull, Halloween Jack O Lantern, Halloween Sprinkles and Creepy Cobweb

There was a mini carnival at Southbank Parklands
Performers singing poppish songs! =D

Hot Jam Filled Donuts
$1.50 each

Mini Bowl

South Bank Lifestyle Market
There's this little princess/fairy stall
that is very pink and girlie
They sell magic wands and stuff

Juggling Busker
I swear I saw the same performance routine
when I was in Melbourne with Jay =_="
Only difference is that its a different guy
and this guy is from Adelaide and is funnier

Beef Yakiniku Rice
from Hanaichi Wintergarden
Not recommended!

I'm playing GOD FINGER now on iPhone
Its pretty cool touch screen game
where you have followers
make them build stuff, work, rest
zap them with lightning etc
Rate: 8/10
Playability: 3 months
Cost: FREE

Pocket Frog on iPhone
They have these Halloween frogs
You can breed up to 8 of these in one habitat
and win 2,000 experience points!
Very very cute!

Jay sent me some rare frogs! Yay!
Golden Tingo Corona (endangered 12)
Tangelo Pruni Insero (legendary 13)

Chicken Pad Thai from
Sawadee Ka Fine Thai Cuisine
6/220 Melbourne Street
West End
It was pretty good!
Some of my friends from QUT really like this restaurant.
The staff are friendly and ambience is awesome
They have just completed maintance on their stoves

Unagi/Maguro/Shake Sushi from
Queen Street
Brisbane CBD
Yummy yum yum..
These 3 are my top picks!

Riccardo/Luke/Sirin Party
at Party Palace, West End
(actually its my house)
What you're seeing here is just
a-third of the entire posse


So wasted and jack-ass-ed!

The Aftermath

My good people from
WEST END - the best end!

Found a lot of photos like this in my camera
=_=" use your own dSLR to cam whore, Libby!

62 Mary Street
Brisbane CBD

This place has the best
SAMBAL CHILLI in Brisbane City

What is Sambal Chilli?
Its a popular chilli based sauce in South-east Asia
typically made of a variety of chilli (Adyuma, Cayenne, Bird's Eye etc)
Sometimes there is an addition of shrimp paste, anchovies, tamarind or lime juice

Nasi Goreng (Malaysian Fried Rice)
I know we only pay like $3 for this dish in Singapore
but for these comfort food that reminds us of home
we are willing to fork out those extra dollars

Malaysian Curry Chicken with Rice
Curry is thick and creamy from coconut milk
Rice is cooked in coconut milk as well
So its quite "jelat" after a while
However chicken is very tender
and the dish is delicious overall

Food Quality: 8/10
Return Factor: 9/10
Flash your student card for a discount!

performing in the city after their show
at Davies Park West End Market
They're pretty cool - I like!

The Big Bang Theory S04E05
The Desperation Emanation
Hmmm.. as disappointing as the previous
What happened to the good old days?

Seriously, I'm not such a lousy DotA player
I just dream a lot


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