Saturday, October 30, 2010


Queen Street
Brisbane CBD

NANDOS (West End)
Shop 1, 156 Boundary Street
West End

See! China girls drink 750ml of milk every morning
thats why they are bigger size than us!

Libby came to Griffith University Nathan to attend Mike Waltkins'
3120HSL Managing Cultural Diverse Workplace

Shop 90D
Sunnybank Plaza

I'm gonna combine 2 posts into one!

Eating with me today -
Samantha Heah and Calvin Toh

Stewed dice pork in soy sauce with rice 卤肉饭
Very good value for money
the sour-cabbage is very appetising
not enough stewed pork to fill the gaps between my teeth though

Special beef noodles soup 红烧三宝牛肉面
Very tasty noodles

Winter Melon Milk Tea 冬瓜奶茶
This is delicious
however it feels like just drinking winter melon
can't really taste the milk tea
but its nice.. yea!

Eating with me today -
Libby Chong

Meat ball stock soup 贡丸汤
Kinda disappointing
The 4 miserable meat balls with vegetables
in salt+MSG soup

Noodles with minced pork and bean paste 炸酱面
Not as good as the one from Kwanyin Tea House (Valley)
but the noodles are really good
Very little minced pork
Good for a good value-for-money quick bite only

[Our Ratings]
Libby: 8/10
King Ming: 7.5/10
Return Factor: 8/10

Dipawali -A Festival of Lights
King George Square

I took a HD video
but i accidentally deleted it
Hahha... anyways those who missed it
Its nothing much really
Just a handful of stalls and good performances

Queen Street
Brisbane CBD

Passion Fruit
Get a pink ribbon waffle for 20ct
Support Breast Cancer Foundation

Not again 吊!

Eastern Sea Chinese Restaurant 东海
54 Mollison Street
West End

Jay Ng condemned this restaurant
but I'm here today to find out for myself
how bad this restaurant is

Ambience was pretty good
Playing hits from Year 2001 like M2M and Shakira etc
Service was A-Star by the Lady Boss

(Photograph: Lindy Chong)
The restaurant was quiet with only
one old man dining in

I'm dining in today with Libby Chong Ding Dong

Fried Wantons (6)
Deep fried
It was pretty alright
Comes with sweet chilli sauce dip

Vegetables with Szechuan Sauce
Quite a good variety of vegetables
Brocolli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Peppers, Onions, Spring Onions etc
A bit spicy for me

Combination in Clay Pot
Prawn, scallop, fish, chicken, roast pork, tofu and vegetables
Seafood are frozen
However, the chinese mushrooms were delightful
Roast pork is actually char siew
Yea it was pretty alright for me

[Our Ratings]
Libby Chong: 7.5/10
"Reminds me of home-cooked food back in Singapore"
King Ming: 7.5/10
"I like quiet restaurants where I can wander around the dining area freely"
Return Factor: 7.5/10

In Singapore, we usually put our shoes in the shoe bag

My last tutorial! Yay!
Check out Mizue Jikumaru's presentation on
Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane
Time to study for exams T_T

Errmm... why is the cubical door on the floor?
Photo from Myer Centre

Some very cute photos from iPhone game

Was playing this Facebook game -
RAMAYANA the epic game
Story about Hindu dieties
Pretty interesting

30 Rock S05E05 - Reaganing
Tracy Jordan is so funny!

How I Met Your Mother S06E05 - Architect of Destruction

How I Met Your Mother S06E06 - Baby Talk
Heh.. Everybody loves Barney!

The Big Bang Theory S04E06 - The Irish Pub Formulation
Tsk tsk tsk.. Leonard!

The Mentalist S03E05 - The Red Ponies

The Mentalist S03E06 - Pink Chanel Suit
I love this show
It gives me nightmares of myself playing detective

DotA screenshot
Ulfsaar Ursa Warrior
I thought I can never die


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