Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brisbane Zombie Walk 2010

We're preparing ourselves for a very special day
with a very special purpose..

This annual event aims to raise $10,000
for the Brain Foundation of Australia

(Photo by James John Patrick Carr)
Joining us today are Claire, Silje, James and Samantha

(Photo by James John Patrick Carr)

Finally we arrived at Wickham Park,
starting point of the Zombie Walk

Almost everyone else is dressed a zombie
Of cos there are people who are just there
to show their support for the motion and
photographers who wanna capture this special event

Some costumes and make-up were really elaborated
We appeared kinda under-dressed

This girl and her partner was inspired by
JAWS (1975) thriller by Steven Spielberg
He had a surf board with him

Yea I know.. 三角頭 (Pyramid Head)
Its kinda like a charity Cosplay walkaton
There were lots of characters from Silent Hill
Even Pedobear!

Watch video here

(Post-process: Lindy Chong)

The Zombie Walk starts
from Roma Street to Fortitude Valley...

Quite a few people brought their Zombie Dogs

Everyone was bleeding
but the nurse ain't helping

Zombie Mama

This one was quite special
They had a girl dragged around in a coffin!

There was an awful lot of people
but the walk was very organised

Sign reads:
"Its not necrophilia if we're both dead"

Some weird pink-cow-guy

Many of the vehicles/pedestrians were terrorised
cos the roads and traffics were stopped/redirected
while around 3,000 people walk through

Some Warcraft character?


(Photo by James John Patrick Carr)

Many came as a themed team

Sign reads
"I can has brains now?"

Plants VS Zombies
PopCap Games' fastest-selling, top-grossing game to date

Buckethead Zombie
Toughness: high
Weakness: magnet-shroom
Buckethead Zombie always wore a bucket. Part of it was to assert his uniqueness in an uncaring world. Mostly he just forgot it was there in the first place.

Straight-jacket Zombie

Smurf Zombies

Someone splattered their brains

King Leonidas Zombie, king of Sparta
back from the dead!

Imperial Stormtrooper Zombie
personal army of Emperor Palpatine

Skynet Terminator Zombie
comes with a boombox/ghettoblaster!

Zombies Crossing

Smoking Zombie

Avatar Zombies
Na'vi tribe people from the 2009 epic science fiction film
by James Cameron (probably Jake and Neytiri)

Libby pointed at every fat zombie and yelled "BOOMER"
No no no.. not all obese zombies are Boomers

Captain Planet Zombie
the elemental warrior from 1990

This one feels a lot like HALFLIFE

(Photo by Eldreth Lim)
It was just a short hour-long walk
that cuts through the city
So we're here at the finishing point,
Centenary Place

Left 4 Dead Witch

Zombie Kid on the Tree

Sign reads:
"I didn't foward my chain mail"
Brilliant much, yes?

Disney Princess Zombies
Cinderella/Belle?, Ariel, Jasmine

Spiderman Zombie
I like this!

Bumped into Eddi Calaguas and Jeremy Sue

Child Sex Worker Zombies?
I have no idea what who when how which "EBENEY" is?

Santa Claus Zombie
Pervert! Get your own girl!

We decided to have our dinner
at Fortitude Valley

Bumped into Jessie Yjs

Baby Zombie on the Garbage Bin

Valley was filled with Zombies!

157A Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley

Some soup we did not order
but they charged us $1/each later
We ordered some stir-fried vegetables
but it did not arrive O_o?

Roast Duck Rice
additional fried egg
Libby did not like the gravy on the rice
Said it has a "porky" smell
Wonder what that means.. Haha!

Roast Duck Rice
additional braised egg
The duck skin was not exactly crispy, meat was average tender.
I would rate this below Little Hong Kong (Sunnybank)
However this one comes with boiled cabbage instead of coleslaw
To each his own! Calvin Toh prefers this store to LHK though.

Halfway through the meal
the shop was terrorised by passerby zombie


[Our Ratings]
Libby: 4.5/10
Return Factor: unlikely
Other Remarks: We were not very impressed with the food quality. The lady boss was all smiles and very friendly. However I'm not very happy with mysterious hidden/unspoken upselling costs. Our next trip will be to 北京楼.

Watch video here

Here's a Zombie DotA Printscreen
Dirge the Undying

9 Gladstone Road
Highgate Hill

(clockwise from top left)
Maguro Nigiri Sushi
Tobikko Nigiri Sushi
Hotate Nigiri Sushi
Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Hamachi Nigiri Sushi

Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Yen described these as - heavenly!

Vegetable Tempura
Vegetables in light crispy tempura batter

Tempura Soba
Hot buckwheat noodle soup with tempura

Tenzara Soba
Cold buckwheat noodle with tempura

Ebi Fry
Deep-fried crumbled prawns
Prawns are as big as cucumbers! Not overly oily, very fresh.
Very attractive, downside is that it doesn't come with rice and miso soup.

It was on the house
cos I'm handsome! =D

Macha Ice-cream
Extremely tasty - which is rare. Cos in Brisbane city, 99% of the Japanese restaurants here order their ice-cream from this one particular supplier and the quality is really sub-standard. I suspect they make these macha ice-cream themselves.

[Our Ratings]
Eldreth: 10/10
Yen: 8/10
Yining: 8/10
Libby: 7.5/10
KING MING: 8.5/10

This restaurant is similiar to Laguna's Fuurin Japanese Restaurant. The ingredients are really fresh and the dishes are VERY authentic. Food Quality + Presentation are no bullshit! However its a bit pricey. Everything here costs as much as Sono. Sono has kimono girls, Sakura has good food. You take the pick!

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James Carr said...

the BOOMER part was amazing. haha i wish i had heard that.

don't forget to check out AMC's the walking dead premiering at 10pm on oct. 31st in america (so... 3pm on nov 1st in australia. it's based on the graphic novel and it's directed by frank darabont (shawshank redemption.)