Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spring in September...

G'day mates
Remember some time ago I posted on
This sketch of "three little birds sat on my window.."

This is what happens..
I think I'm kinda like Isaac Mendez
I have precognition expressed through visual art
Please tell me in future if you see me on my tablet
and my eyes turn grey and shiny!

Yea.. the crows were eating a dead pigeon
in my backyard...

4 hours later...

8 hours later..
All that is left of the pigeon
are the wings and feet
I guess these are the less tasty parts..
And flies starts laying their eggs
I think there'll be maggots soon.

Don't know if Jay realises
There's this row of flowers near our house
which smells super awesome when they bloom during Spring

Ajisen Ramen
2/414 George Street
Brisbane City

The friendly waitress presented the Parfait
and told us how much she enjoys doing parfaits

Masterchef Australia Pig-face

Photohunt - Find the waitress!
(not Libby)

Ice-cream at Gelatissimo
Queen Street
Double Scoops $7.50 (I think)

Sushi at Top Sushi
Queen Street
$2.20 per sushi

Bubble tea and Jenga Jenga at
Hazel Tea House
2/47 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane City

Final Score
King Ming - 4
Libby - 4
Yen - 2
Sato - 0 (Winner)

This game sucks!

Saw a dead water bug
in the middle of the city - queer!

There's a Valentino exhibition at GoMa
7 August - 14 November
I'm not sure if I wanna go
Concession $16

Went to the Great Barrier Reef... NOT!
This is the Brisbane Museum

Learn to Fly

Melbourne Hotel
10 Browning Street
West End

Super Mega Ribs
I would advise sharing if you're not a big eater.
Every Monday - $14.90

Beer-battered Fries and Potato Wedges
$4 each
Comes with Garlic-Mayonnaise and Sour Cream dips

Someone brought her lamb to uni..
I think her name is Mary

I like to receive tweets from strangers
who tell me they read my blog =)

Chicken Curry Rice
Hanaichi at Wintergarden

Krispy Kreme
Queen Street
Brisbane City

Yep.. Someone's birthday is coming..

They're selling really cool pens now
5 for $5
Fuckin' amazing!

My sister likes to eat these

We suck at Shooting Games..

Song of the Day
B.o.B - Magic ft. Rivers Cuomo

"I got the magic.. magic.. magic..."
Watch video here

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