Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Spring Break 2010

There are so many sushi bars in Brisbane City
LR Sushi, Sushi Deli, Sushi on the Run, Ginga, Hanaichi etc
Today I'm having TOP SUSHI (Adelaide Street)
two other outlets are at Creek Street and Albert Street
This one has got a dining area upstairs

Sushi(s) are $2.20 each, no discrimination!
Store is full of Korean staff rolling and serving sushi
Massive queue during lunch hours!

More Yummy Reads Singapore-Brisbane at:

Libby is gonna make me some
Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice

Om nom nom nom!
Stay tune for the recipe of this delightful dish!

Fwah! Neh neh!

Step 1: Boil the chicken

Women have difficulties reading and following instructions
Look at her face!
I always believe that cooking is intuitive
Recipes are for referencing, not following
Cos every oven every stove every pot/pan is different
(Note: We've chosen Asian Home Gourmet pre-mix)

Step 2: Put the paste/pre-mix into the chicken broth

Step 3: Marinate the chicken

Step 4: Cook the rice with the Chicken Broth
I took over cos Libby has never cooked rice
without a rice cooker before.. Hahaa!
Also, I'm the Risotto King!

Gordon Ramsay, "Risotto's cooked perfectly, King Ming!"

Having overthrown from her Cooking-Mama position in the kitchen
Masterchef Contestant, Libby sulks and reads her textbook at the pass

Smiley Faces Eggs - Uniquely SunnyQueen
I use these eggs too! They make me happy..

Step 5: Fry an Egg
I know there is no egg in Hainanese Chicken Rice and
all the preparation methods are fluffy
I do not care! I am the King!

Step 6: Presentation
Presentation is the most important factor
It gives customers a sense of value-for-money
In Marketing, we call it - Product Differentiation
In Strategic Management, we call it - Value Creation
(Note: This is how Libby's face look like without Photoshop
Usually a lot of effort is put into liquidifying the eyes and mouth)

Step 7: Service
Piping hot delicious Singapore-styled Hainanese Chicken Rice!
Absolutely delicious!
(Side note: A typical dish have a choice of Roasted/Steamed Chicken with Rice cooked in Pandan leaf and Chicken Broth; served and garnished with Chinese Coriander, Cucumber and Tomato; with Dark Sweet Soy Sauce and Chicken Rice Chilli that is blended with lime and lemon juice)

Food Quality: 8/10
Food Presentation: 6/10
Value-for-Money: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Ambience: 8/10
Return Factor: 10/10

Libby's three new rings forged by Celebrimbor

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

NARYA - Ring of Fire (Resistance against tyranny, domination, despair and weariness of time)
NENYA - Ring of Water (Preservation, Protection, Concealment from evil)
VILYA - Ring of Air (Healing, Preservation)

Such mighty rings, but Libby chose to call it ABNN

Played with her Macbook Pro's Photo Booth
for quite a bit until she caught me...

Hello, excuse me?

My EF70-200mm lens became a vase

Lots of Spongebob(s) to play with at Libby's

Her EOS400D with EFS17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
Powerful yet Under-utilised

Mosiac-ed cos Libby said she look fat in those 2 photos
Cholesterol do not kill people, Paranoia does!

iPhone Updates

Been hiding in uni for the past few weeks
cos I'm so damn caught up in

Seriously, no one cares about these signs
Everyone is playing Facebook, Youtube, 人人网 etc
It really grinds your gears when you need to print notes

Nepalese Engraving donated to Griffith University (Nathan)

I have no idea why Aussie juveniles love to smash glass
Every now and then (especially weekends)
They come out, got drunk and starts smashing things
I believe Aussies have a much bigger drinking problem than Indians
At least Indians beat up their wives at home
and do not behave as a public nuisance

Seriously, I CBF with all these nonsense emails/messages
Leave me alone!

HANAICHI (Garden City)
West Field Garden City Shopping Centre
I seriously think this taste better
than the one at Wintergarden
Plus the counter girl is prettier ^^

3119HSL: Ecotourism
Field Trip to Griffith University Ecocentre
located at Toohey Forest (Nathan)
I think no one is interested in details about
Sustainable Development, Environmental Education and Research, Community Partnership etc
So lets juz look at the pretty live animals display they have..

Ok thats all..
Unless you wanna read about our 120 watts roof mounted photovoltaic cell solar panels, hydrogen powered model cars, water turbines blah blah blah..

Our PART B Presentation on
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Much work put into preparation..

.. and rehearsal
I think we totally nailed it
Our tutor commented that we presented well!

Inside joke about "Spilling Boobs"..

After presentation, Duran gave me a treat at
City Inn Mall
to thank me for guiding him with Ecotourism
One of the only non-fastfood restaurants
which are still opened at that ungodly hour

Beef Brisket Rice and Lemon Chicken Rice
Both stir-fried, its amazing how they make their meats
so extremely tender!

I am a Complain King!
but seriously, I don't like the Librarian's attitude
I queued for 20min at the IT Helpdesk
and she just clicked on the Griffith University Website
and read aloud to me like I'm some illiterate China student
"Library and IT Help will not be able to provide any technical support beyond this self-help guide"
I replied "So you're not gonna offer any form of assistance?"
She simple nodded and smile at me.
Other librarians at least help me book an appointment with in-campus IT technicians
This is a BLOODY OUTRAGE! Shame on you!

Its fun to play Mortred (Phantom Assasin) with AI
You get to pwn them like nobody's business!

Playfish is seriously fucking me up!
MY EMPIRE is one of the only three games I play on Facebook
(The other two are Social City and CEO Dream)
My neighbours mysteriously disappears
Hence I cannot build up my army to progress in the game

(Photography: Jay Ng Jiajin)
Fishing Trip at Noosaville
Yes I'm driving a boat,
you can call me Captain Hook! Ahoy!

(Photography: Jay Ng Jiajin)
Hitchhiking from Brisbane to Melbourne
Hor Lan albums are on my Facebook
Pretty tasteful photograph - love it!

Finally for this post, I would like to share a CASE STUDY
about this Taiwanese dude, 张富杰 who goes by a more famous name - 励志哥

What is this term "励志哥"?

Its used to describe men/women who are fucking hideous-looking
yet has a gorgeous partner
It was made famous by 张富杰 in December 2009
his forum nickname goes by - 励志哥
His famous quotes
(Mandarin: If you are willing, you will get a girl)
(Mandarin: If you're still complaining about life being unfair, take a look at me!)

King Ming says
True! Stop blaming your bad luck with ladies/men!
You can always do something about it
If you're fat - Go slim down!
MBA Sammy Phua did a research and discover that 33% of the fat people
has a mental barrier which they used to comfort themselves
to acknowledge that being fat is
A. Inheritant B. Norm C. Acceptable

Wrong, wrong and wrong!
The biggest discrimination in the world is not against people with darker skin
it is with fat and obese people
How so? It is due to the lack of exercise, indulgence in bad posture and over-eating
And stop saying you have "big bone" - bad excuse!
If you have a bad personality - Practice kindness and be a better person!
If you are poor - Get a fucking job!
If you have ugly features - Get a plastic surgery! Or learn to apply make-up!
You are the master of your own life and destiny.
It is not God's will for you to take up 1.5 seats on public transportation
If you have deformities - No one is stopping you from becoming a nice person!

(Note: Throughout the 励志哥 segment, I did not mention Jay Ng Jiajin)

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