Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For the Love of Spring 2010

Bought a pack-of-6 Krispy Kreme donuts
to share with Libby..

Meanwhile we tried to moisturise the crocodile
with Bio-Essence Hydra Spa Energy

Washed my Singapore flag
for the Mid-Autumn Festival event..

Tried to cook
Mince Meat Spaghetti in Cream

Lunch Meeting with GECTS president
at Sunnybank Plaza

Davies Park Market West End

Joining me today are
Libby, Faith and Yining

The old busker at West End Market
sings pretty awesome!


Matching Colours!

Its strange how fast "$5 Box" catches their attention
but they are so bad at identifying landmarks and directions


Very suitable for Ginseng Tea
or those Red Dates Drinks

I love Mushrooms

Me love Squash
(not really)

So cute, right?

Twist Potato

Crocodile Tail Fillets

"Hi! I live in a cardboard box home!"

There are many pretty interesting DIY stalls

This one makes rings/ear rings out of
Scrabble tiles, Lego pieces etc

Anyone watched Into the Wild?

Spana Crab
aka Ranina Ranina or Red Frog Crab
It has ten white spots and are nocturnal
Product of Queensland - must try!

Originated from Osaka, its like a Japanese Pancake
with flour+yam batter, cabbage and bacon (choice of prawn, bacon or vegetables)
You may want to add additional egg and cheese
and toppings of beni shōga (pickled red ginger)

Performance by TWINE

Charlie the Golden Retriever

Yining made brownies
and Faith made cupcakes

More photos here:


19 Sept 2010

Free Play for 7 - 107 year olds

Kids can make their recycle art here!

Its a water closet
Chris said there are hidden meanings to it
as the toilet seat is of aboriginal colours

The Magician who talks too much

Pretty ladies giving out free
Mount Franklin Lightly Sparking Water

Emma Miller and the Women's Peace Army


Local designers sell their stuff here too!


Chris Harvey the famous photographer

The Wend End Represent Girls
Claire, Samantha, Megan and Silje

South American and Capoeira Performances





So we know West End is a safe place today
(note: today)


More photos here:

GUNSA-GECTS Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
at Boardwalk, Eagle Street Pier

$7 Pizza + Beer
Ham + Pineapple / Pepperoni / Margarita
XXXX Gold / Tooheys New / Cascade Light

It was an awesome experience
for us to learn from GECTS (Taiwan Club)
and get to meet some important people from their committee
as well as heh heh.. sponsors.

We bought the POWERBALL Lottery
$15 million prize money - Root for us!

Matt was really sweet
He organised a Birthday Surprise for our little Linda

More photos here:

Libby made Butter Chicken Baked Pasta for me =3

iPhone Updates

The three food stalls outside Treasury selling
German Sausages, French Crepes and Chinese Dim Sums

Nutella and Banana Crepe

Lil boy KO-ed after his sibling
attacked him with several "hadogen"s

Queensland Museum

Libby's best friend - ABNN
(name of the dinosaur puppet)

My PATAPON Screensaver - jealous?

Breakfast with Libby at
Krispy Kreme (Queen Street)

Om nom nom nom..
Nothing beats Donuts + Coffee + Libby
on a rainy day!

Bath Ballistic from LUSH (City)

DotA Screenies



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