Sunday, September 5, 2010


As part of the highlights of Brisbane Festival 2010,
today we're having BRISBANE RIVERFIRE
Its an annual event where we get around 30min of non-stop
fireworks display by the riverside

There's a very strict security check-point
cos alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Southbank Parklands
You see in Brisbane,
Drunkards are a bigger problem than Terrorism
Not kidding at all!

I arrived at 3pm after attending
a meeting with the Queensland Police
and Parklands was already SUPER CROWDED!
The fireworks display actually starts at 7pm.

There was also military display around the
Suncorp Piazza area from 12pm onwards..

Kids get to try firing some pseudo guns..

.. and step inside those big ass military vehicles
Seriously, you won't find it interesting
if you have served conscription FML

Arrival at Griffith University
Queensland College of Arts

Prepared my documents for room booking
and the backdrop for my room..

This will be my vantage point later
when the fireworks starts!
6th floor, sheltered, non-crowded environment

By 5.30pm, our members starts flocking in..
No we're not Japanese Culture Club hahha..

Finally our kitty meals arrived with Chef Matt
from the Gold Coast..
Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Tuna Sandwich

Cucumber Sandwich

Rice crackers and Dips

Nachos and Vegetables Dips

Also we are very honoured to have
three of GECTS' 干部 to grace our event today
(GECTS = Taiwanese Student Association)

also our fellow GUGCSSA members
who came down from the Gold Coast

By 7pm, the pyrotechnic started!
It was quite awesome to me cos
Singapore doesn't have these 30min firework display
We're not poor, but very environmentally-friendly
also because we are a very small island
Fireworks will hold back flight schedules and all

Unlike Patrick from Hong Kong
who says that back home, they have hours of fireworks all the time
Its really no biggie and gets really boring
Also Malaysians who said they buy their own fireworks
during Lunar New Year celebrations
While in Singapore, it remains - ILLEGAL! Hahha..

I love the F-111 Fuel Dump performance
It lights up the night skies and
the fighter jet looks like Astro Boy or Iron Man flying in the skies

Watch video here

Look what Rika drew..

Two of our Korean girls

Thank you everybody for attending
and making it happen! =)
Griffith University Nathan Singapore Student Association (GUNSSA)

After-Riverfire Supper was at
The Grand Hotel
6 Angel Street
Eight Mile Plain

I'm not going into too much details with the dishes
cos I've reviewed this restaurant not too long ago
For more information, check out older posts from

Suren wants to order the $718 set meal

Egg Tarts
Super duper power tarts
Soft tasty custard with crispy skins
Kinda like the restaurant's signature dish
Its often sold out..

Deep-fried Shirmp Roll

Century Egg and Lean Meat Porridge
I think its kinda lacking in seasoning..

Pan-fried Red Bean Cake

Deep-fried Shrimp Rolls in Bean Curd Skin

BBQ Pork Bun
Absolutely fresh and delicious!

Chicken Feet
(aka Phoenix Claw)
Not tender enough

Spring Onion Pancakes

Siew Mai
(Aussies call it "Dim Sim")

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice

Turnip Cakes
Steamed and Pan-fried turnip cakes
are one of my favourite dishes in this restaurant

I didn't get to eat this
Some ermm.. Paste bun yea..


iPhone Updates

Guess where this place is...

53 Mollison Street
West End

Double Smoked Bacon, Poached Eggs, Tomato, Herbed Hollandaise, Sourdough

Swiss Brown Mushrooms, Truss Cherry Tomatoes, Olive Sourdough, Herbed Ricotta

I feel that as Brisbane's Best Breakfast Restaurant
the meal and waiting time is really not so worth the money
I mean the taste is pretty good but not super awesome.. ya know?


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