Thursday, September 2, 2010


Coolness.. Shona and Karen are on MX page 5

I wonder why no one really cares about
the "food and beverage in lab" rules
maybe following rules is a Singaporean thing

I still can't find the reason
why I like to play FOURSQUARE

Sam brought me popcorn for lecture

There's this guy who's in a few of my lecture groups
ALL his t-shirts are from church camps and
WHENEVER he opens his mouth he speak words of God

Tutor: "So what is your view on visiting the Uluru Rocks?"
Guy: "God says.."
Me: "O_o seriously?"

City Inn Mall
LG-1 245 Albert Street
Brisbane City

Dinner with Duran after 3119HSL: Ecotourism presentation
He used to work here,
so he advised me to wipe the cutleries before using them
Learning point: Always listen to F&B staff or ex-staff

火腩豆腐饭 (Stir-fried Beef with Tofu)

番茄牛肉饭 (Stir-fried Beef with Tomato)

Total Damage: $10 for both dishes (ex-staff discount?)
with complimentary soup!
Food Quality: 7/10

I heard from a local that SAMBOY ATOMIC TOMATO
is quite awesome.. Must try it soon!

Ok.. How many people actually knows that
雀巢 is Nestea - I don't!

Heading school for 8am lecture
Peaceful streets.. Unlike Singapore..


I love ferns.. I don't know why.
Their leaves are pretty!

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