Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today, Libby and I are going to eat Aussie KFC
Om nom nom!
And we'll tell you whats different with Singapore's..

YEAH... so hot right now!

We ordered Spicy, but it sure taste like Original
However the chicken is more tender

Coleslaw taste fresher
Its foil sealed

Whipped/Mash Potato has a better texter
and the gravy is thicker and more robust

Mailed out some letters and postcards

Shop 3/156 Boundary Street
West End

Every Tuesday, there's 2-4-1 Special
With purchase of a drink/chips
you get 2 burgers for the price of one
(of course you pay for the more expensive one)

Fresh lamb, grilled haloumi, caramelised onion, pesto, salad and relish
Haloumi is a traditional cypriot cheese made from goat/sheep milk
Its amazingly tasty for a burger, I would say better than
some of the burgers at Grill'd

Chicken Chermoula
Marinated chicken breast, coriander & yogurt chutney and salad
Taste like a big round chicken kebab!

Kumara Chips
Hand-cut sweet potato chips with spicy urge seasoning served with lime mayo
Kumara is not a type of sweet potato, its just a different way of calling it
in Polynesia, New Zealand.. Pretty tasty!
Quite different from the conventional potato chips with burgers

Received a RAGE MESSAGE yesterday
Looks kinda ridiculous, right?
The last time I receive something like that
was probably when I was playing Ragnarok Online
in my secondary school days.
I dun know if it occurs to you
but everytime I see something like that
on facebook, blogs (thats why I dun read Xiaxue) etc
I feel sad for the world..

"A word spoken in wrath is the sharpest sword;
covetousness is the deadliest poison;
hatred is the fiercest fire;
ignorance is the darkest night."

Seriously, life is already so short
why does one still want to indulge in RAGE?

(aka Pre-menstrual Syndrome, Bitch Fit, Troll Smash etc)

Lots of people complain about their life
Being bitter that they are poorer, fatter, less intelligent, less handsome/pretty/popular, less successful/recognised, uglier girlfriend than others, someone stole their boyfriend, their mother slept with their boyfriends, their vagina has a pimple, other people's Big Bang Theory S04E01 has higher resolution than your's, chef gives you one less piece of sweet and sour pork, why everyone dislikes me, why I have so many enemies, why am I constantly unhappy etc - What gives?
Life DO NOT suck!
Everyone can be happy, everyday!

Why are guys happier people?
Because we do not give a shit about minor displeasures
If it doesn't concern us, let others fight/troll among themselves to death
Something that doesn't deprive us of three bowls of rice - we don't really care!
Raging also gives you pimples, toxins, constipation, internal injuries and irregular menses
We have had enough trolling - in this life we enjoy a better peace of mind
(There are just too much to explain, has got to do with why more women, children and animals can see/sense ghosts compared to man in general blah blah blah; so I'm just keeping it simple and layman)

Why are others happier than us?
Ancient Indians/Tibetans believe that there are 6 Roots/Poisons to Rage
क्लेशा and that human poison ourselves (not others):
1. Greed 贪
2. Hatred 嗔
3. Ignorance/Delusion 痴
4. Arrogance 妒
5. Doubt 慢
6. False Views of Opinionatedness 疑
Some of us indulge and get caught up in more of these than others
thats why some people are happier and more carefree
while others can't stop their asses from bouncing off the walls all the time

I understand the above, so how do I be happier?

Be conscious of your own action and surroundings.
Instead of flaring up at situations,
put your rage aside, sit down and think about
why it happen, why people react in such a way, what is the impetus,
am I kind and compassionate enough to love my neighbour,
what will happen if I display/activate my rage?
Having practiced mindful thinking for a period of time
you will develop an understanding of human behaviourism
(better than spending at least 6 months studying Psychology and Organisational Behaviour)
With this understanding, you will feel calm when similar situation arises
Knowing that it is simply a common human act sowing seeds of rage

Instead of viciously sowing and reaping seeds of hatred,
separate yourself from unwholesome thoughts
Practice kindness and compassion
and be a more likeable person starting today!
(This is your key to happiness)


I received the LV Email yesterday
Doesn't quite feel like a Spring Collection =_="

Anyone remember watching this every Sunday morning?
絶対無敵ライジンオー (绝对无敌雷神王 aka Raijin-Oh)
Boys from my generation simply love this
Jay even has the robots!
Raijin-Oh is a 51 episode anime(1991)
The story is about a group of elementary school children
who are given command of a mecha named Raijin-Oh (雷神王)
and their efforts to defend Earth from the evil Jaaku Empire
The coolest part is that their school transform into a Robot Base! =D

After being busy for 2 weeks
I continue to be "suckier" in DotA

I'll end this post with an interesting video
Anunnaki, Human Evolution, and Planet X Nibiru

Enjoy your Spring Break, people!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



and my NAME CARD

Chris bought 3 full pizza from Coles for only $10
I stole a slice from him, it wasn't too bad!

Wicked Sick Lotus

hosted by Rachel Sato, Elena and Fadilah

Ladies and Gentlemen
Chef-of-the-day is Rachel Sato

Eldereth's Magic Dildo

We're gonna play some PS3 after dinner

Chicken Laksa
Absolutely delicious!

Pineapple Jelly


After that we were still hungry
so Chef Sato went on to cook the next entre

White Wine

Eggplant and Mushrooms with Rice
Very om nom nom too!
Check out more of her delicious home-cooked food at

We started out with Street Fighter IV

Winning the ladies was indubitably.. TOO EASY

Then the girls started playing some virtual pet thingy
No no.. The one on the right with
the "victory" hand sign is MY PET

Petting and showering the "imaginary pet"

The ladies had a lot of fun
making their pet monkey pop balloons
with the wooden aeroplane they made

It was super fun for all of us
Special thanks to the URBANESTers for the hospitality
and Eldereth for the PS3 Games! =D

Hi, I'm in Melbourne.. NOT!

Tibetan Kitchen
1/59 Hardgrave Road
West End

Tibetan Bread
Oven baked bread containing home-made chutney and cheese
I think its delicious!


Jasmine Rice

Sherpa Chicken
Boneless lean chicken cooked in a creamy curry sauce with spring onions, tomatos and mushrooms.
The chicken is very tender, I quite enjoyed this dish
but Libby says its too bland and not spicy enough.

Garlic Bread
Bread baked with garlic butter

Dhal Soup (G.F. Vegan)
Lentils soaked overnight, cooked with tumeric, tomatos, ginger, garlic and onions.
The poor wait staff got this order wrong and kena raged by Sato.

Food Quality: 8/10
Value-for-Money: 6/10
Ambience: 9/10
Return Factor: 8/10

Libby brought me BENTO for lunch =D

We're here today at FORTITUDE VALLEY

This place is known as Chinatown
However most of the China population is sardine-packed in Sunnybank

This is absolutely inappropriate
4 nights, 4 meals, 4 pints, 4 hours
Don't you know that the number "4" is inauspicious to Chinese?

King of Kings
175 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley

Good morning all, we're here to eat DIM SUM

Lets see what she have in her
traditional dim sum push cart

Some of the items can be found on the separate menu
Menu produced upon request

A Very Happy Libby

Chinese Tea

Deep-fried Prawn Dumpling
Absolutely delicious!

Char Siew Bao
(aka BBQ Pork Bun)
This is pretty good, however I think the one at Manor
has a sweeter bun
This one is pretty good too!

Steamed Siew Mai
(aka Dim Sim)
Very tasty. Very similiar to the one from Golden Palace.

Har Gao
(aka Steamed Prawn Dumpling)
Golden Palace has better ones

Egg Custard Tarts
Manor still has the best
This one is a bit bland

Chup Chiong
(Steamed Rice Rolls with Fried Fitters)
Taste pretty good
but 4 rolls is a bit too much for me to finish

Food Quality: 9/10
Food Presentation: 7.5/10
Value-for-Money: 10/10
(Its almost half the price of Golden Palace!)
Ambience: 9/10
Service: 10/10
(Very friendly and jovial staff unlike Communist-face Golden Palace wait staff who speaks half-fuck English and gets annoyed with you for not understanding; However Manor offers a more personalised service, I'm still very happy with Kings)

Oktoberfest - brings back good memories

Brought Libby to see the STORY BRIDGE

Not exactly breath-taking

Went to Custom House
to watch UQ Strings Performance
I like Cello + Violin

Libby is so TINY

"When she wakes up in the morning,
Charlene listens to the birds and wind chimes."

Children Books make me happy..

RAWL! Halloween is coming..

from TYPO

Brissy's favourite Juice Bar - BOOST

Soon it was time to film

Yen, Faith, Yining, Libby and myself are doing this
30th Anniversary 4EB Chinese Group video

The president, Adam Lo (far right)

Que-ing them to smile more

Look familiar?
Thats Shawn Yep, Vice-president of UQSSS (left)
and Kendrick Leow, Representative Lala-land (right)

Chinese Group Meeting

If you are a Singaporean, you may tune in to Radio 4EB LalaLand
every Sundays 10pm (Brisbane) or 8pm (Singapore/Malaysia)
or Stream Live here -
Find your program list here -

Video here

Dinner was at MADTONGSAN II
85 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane City

More tasty reads at

ARVO = Afternoon

Libby and myself went to
Harbourtown and Surfers Paradise
I think it was fun for her
cos she bought 2 pairs of Cotton On sunnies and
a pair of flip-flop with less than $10 in total


Main Beach, Surfers Paradise

Video Here

Seagull and Apple

The beach was dirty as hell
with all the plastic bags and plastic cups
Irresponsible teenagers!
Hope they feel guilty after seeing some dead seagulls

This old man has this metal-detecting scanner
which makes a different beeping sound when near metals
He told me he's got about $20 worth of coins
and a nice bracelet today! =D

Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream Co.
Cavil Ave
Surfers Paradise

Freshly-made Waffle Cone
Om nom nom nom..

Yes, girls always get stuck in this store for hours
The poor boyfriends, husbands, fathers wait outside and rot

Are we done yet?
Libby's face reads "SHUDDUP"

1 Elkhorn Ave
Surfers Paradise

Lets look at the menu, there's some interesting items
1. Pad Thai Chicken Box - Looks like what Sheldon (Big Bang Theory would eat)
2. Mee Gee Seafood Box - Maggie Goreng (Indian Muslim)
3. Nasi Box - Nasi Goreng with Roast Pork!
4. Gung Ho Soy Box - How "Gung Ho"?
5. Sing-A Box - I don't see how Singapore this dish is..
6. Luck-Sa Soup Box - Interesting! Laksa

They have very attractive names that
I feel would appeal to Aussies - Well Done!

I ordered COMBO BOX
$9.95 (small) $13.95 (regular)
Thin egg noodles (港面), roast pork, lean beef, chicken, prawn, shrimp and Asian vegetables wok tossed in oyster sauce.
Its pretty tasty but the gravy taste too "jelat" and unhealthy for me.
I ordered a regular, seems a bit too much for skinny me.
But still, it was pretty good!

Return Factor:

iPhone Updates

Yea right!
Where were you guys when the drunk Abos
were smoking and scaring everyone on the train?

Little Red wasn't as naive as some people thought,
and little did the wolf know that she really was a fox.

You're such a player!

Absolutely Revolting!
(Spotted at Kelvin Grove Campus Living Village)

Morning Scene outside Coles
You see Aussies are pretty well-dressed
They even go to the supermarket in
proper pants and covered shoes (not all though)

Morning - Roma Street Station

Breakfast at McDonalds'
before Libby gets busy with her filming stuff