Friday, August 13, 2010


Went to the city early in the morning to meet an old friend...

Recognise him? Keagan
Yes, you've seen correctly - its Keagan

We went to Queen Street Krispy Kreme
Of course the bigger reason why I adore Krispy Kreme
has got something to do with Keagan as well..

We both went for the Warm and Fuzzy meal
1 Coffee + 2 Donuts

Alsolutely Delicious!

Everytime i meet up or talk to Keagan on msn/fb
it reminds me vaguely of how much
indubitably senseless time has passed..

Carnival Hotdog with onions and bacon
More about the carnival later...

Bumped into Amanuma-san in the lab
One of my favourite people in uni

There was an elephant castle
but it keeps deflating..

A very standard Aussie Carnival Game
You put the ping pong ball into the clown's mouth
and it rolls into one of the numbered columns

Fairy Floss were the most popular

The queue never seem to end..

There were also FREE Snowies

Its just shaved ice plus syrup
I chose Raspberry and Pineapple

Justin and Zin - the Burmese brothers

After that we went to Griffith Express for lunch
Had Chicken Tenders and Chips
Not too bad for frozen food
but the Thai Chilli Sauce suck ass

Our very own canteen resident evil Bush Turkey

I din take all these photos
Someone was trying to steal my camera..

Yep.. the owner of this
bento box and chopsticks

.. and these Ecotourism books..

Introducing my lunch buddy - Sam

Crazy bitch always speaking to me in Tagalog
Slap my face with her hair
Asking me to smell her hair
Telling me I'm smelly
Telling our common friends that I'm smelly
Forcing me to say that she look like Jessica Alba / Wong Li-Lin
Complaining that its too cold to wear dresses
Scaring me with her sudden grunt/laughter

I had Fried Bee Hoon from the canteen
Comes with Over-cooked Brocolli and Carrots
in a small 200g tupperware

Pretty much all chopped up into baby bites
but surprisingly taste pretty good

Sam murdered an insect

Freaky tongue right?
For those from Chung Cheng (main),
Foo Jia En (not my sister) can do that too

During the second break,
we chilled in the library
while I suffered in silence
from her Jessica Alba impersonations

Watch video here

Thats how my Thursdays 10am-9pm Uni
is for you...

iPhone Updates

Lucas Papaw follows me everywhere I go..

Participation in Lecture
Bimbo Sam has to paste a sticker in her answer sheet

In her failing attempts to steal my camera

Peggy got into this issue's STUFF magazine
Do check her out!

啦啦世界 Radio Promotion

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Have you ever wished to be a radio presenter?
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We are a bunch of dedicated Singaporean university students in Brisbane, Australia that dominates the airwaves every Sunday night from 10-11pm. Reaching out to the Singaporean and other Chinese communities throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, other parts of Australia, abroad, and back home.., we aim to provide a sense of belonging and camaraderie towards both Australia and Singapore. Tune in every Sunday night and listen to our band of presenters discuss their views on a variety of topics that hits close to the heart.

Lala-land is the only Singapore Community Radio Programme, under a government funded & fully voluntary radio station for the ethic, called Radio 4EB in Brisbane, QLD. We are dependent on funding from memberships to keep our show running every semester. If you like our company every Sunday night and wanna keep our show alive, please show your support by being a member of Radio 4EB!

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