Sunday, August 15, 2010


Matt brought me Tandoori Chicken yesterday

Possums are like stray cats in Singapore
They are pretty much everywhere at night..

This one has a baby possum on its back

Sui-guan and myself got into a snapping frenzy

1/59 Hardgrave Road
West End

Pretty warm and cozy ambience

With many traditional Tibetan/Nepalese Decorations

Namcheko Momo - for Saunababy

Dining with me today - Sui-guan, Sato and Yen

Friendly service from Nepalese staff

Tibetan Bread
Oven baked bread containing homemade chutney and cheese
Absolutely delicious. Fresh and leaves a pleasant aftertaste

Poleko Kukhura (half)
Whole chicken marinated overnight in yoghurt,
then oven baked and served with a creamy mushroom sauce
Very tasty chicken which tasted like tandoori
Interesting salad

Kukhura Ko Tihun
Boneless pieces of lean chicken cooked in Tibetan style
sauce of ginger, garlic, tomatoes and spices.

Aloo Ping
Classic Tibetan Platter. Pieces of lamb with rice noodles
served with momo dumplings, spicy baked potatos
and home made chutney

Steamed Jasmine Rice

All dishes may be ordered mild, medium or hot

Return Factor: 9/10

After-dinner coffee at The Three Monkeys
West End

Sam and Mim joined us..

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How did the conversation end up like that?


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