Sunday, August 22, 2010


Arrived at Eagle Farm
to head to MORETON ISLAND (Tangalooma)

Joining me is BaoBao from Singapore

I'm a Child
So this is the correct ticket

Upon arrival, we watched DOLPHIN FEEDING

You may go down and feed the dolphins
Its free!

Nari is the famous dolphin
who survived a shark attack some years back
It has some pretty awesome scars

Eva, our pretty and friendly guide from Korea

Karaoke Facilities


Buffet-styled Dinner
Pretty awesome food

The mushroom soup is fantastic
Home-made from scratch

Steak is yum yum nom nom too!

Apple Crumble + Custard Dessert
Sweet endings for all

Amazing they even have an Islamic channel on TV


There's even congee!

Buffet style
The pancakes sucks, but the rest are very tasty!

4 Cereal to mix-and-match!

Fruits for sweet endings! =D

Lil boy with 50D
which is bigger than his head - cute right?

PELICAN FEEDING in the morning

Spotted a bird
which swallowed a hook

Cool guy rescued him immediately

What they usually do is
Let the bird swallow an oil soaked fish
which makes it puke all the shit out
including the hook

Went to book a 4WD Tour with Eva

Japanese boys playing volleyball

This is the Dolphin Educational Center
Kids write letters to Tangalooma after their trip

A dugong tried to attack me...

Our 4WD is filled with old farts
I think eco-trips only attract old men like me..

We were all awed by the beautiful clean and clear blue ocean
soft white sand.. the limiteless skies..
Simply beautiful!

Mydemoninyou @ Moreton

Lake Blue
Very clean and sweet water
it has some good soil for facial
and mineral deposits that gives u good skin
Kinda like Lake McKenzie at Fraser Island

Makes u wanna kill Litter Bugs

Went to Whale-watch from the lookout

No zoom lens, so yea.. Photohunt for readers
Pretty cool.. we saw dolphins frolicking in the waters too

Remember yesterday
Walking hand in hand
I wanna hear you say...
(complete the lyrics)

Honeymoon Bay
Nope din take any panorama during this trip

Kitty Lunch
Picnic styled.. The old people are pretty cute

Ruins from the war

Ship wrecks
Great area for snorkeling

Time to say goodbye! =D

Many Titanic Fans had their dreams come true

Beautiful sunset..

"Ok get your asses off my boat!"

This month's FHM cover - Jessica Alba
Love her to bits

Pit stop at BP Caboolture

Very smart to have this hook on top of the roller bins
Prevents intelligent birds like crows from lifting the lids

Awesome license plate that reads 24PMS
Decal reads: "I want to be just like Barbie, that bitch has everything"

Arrived at Rollin Farms
Rutters Road

Eating one is ok
Eating many is a crime

Some brought their beautiful dogs here
Above, two cute beagles - Tiger and I-forgot-the-name

Time to say goodbye to them
and pluck some strawberries!

Great fun for families and kids!

Its really quite fun!
Maybe its just me
I was overjoyed to see those red ripe delicious sweet juicy strawberries

Its hard to stop once u start...

Strawberry Production Line
A lot of China people work here as pluckers and packers
Seems like a fun job

Next stop - Australia Zoo
1638 Steve Irwin Way

Ticket Price
Adults $57
Pensioner/Student $46
Child (3-14yr) $34

1pm - Koalas LIVE!
Learn fun facts about koala bears
Like how joeys (koala babies) eat poop before they learn to feed from the tits
and about how koalas can sleep for like 20 hours a day
There are only 4,000 koalas left in Australia
Lets help save them!

Pat a koala bear
They look so silly..

Look! Here's one with a baby on its back..
Ok at this size, they stopped eating shit already.

This one already learnt how to eat shoots

Pat/poke sheep bottoms!

KIDS' ZOO section
where you can get upclose and personal
with lambs...

...nice-smelling piglets and many more!

Pretty awesome animal shows!
This is better than the Singapore Zoo
where you can only watch from afar..

Audience participation during the birds' show

Experience beautiful birds flying just before your eyes
Like less than an arm's length

Jaw snapping action with crocodiles
This one is doing a Tower
The croc hides in the water and ambush the chicken
and jumps up vertically to attack - quite scary!


Its quite cool that they do not use straws
to protect the animals.
Also the food/drinks here is not over-priced
unlike Singapore Zoo

Yes.. there are a lot of these brainless signs
Australia-wide such as this one and
"Bags without people do not make sense"

But at least its better than those funny
China/Korean/Japanese signs with wrong English
that reads "It is ancient to pack photo"


Wow! The Red Kangaroo is a monster!

Very cute and busy Echidna
Extremely adorable

Dead Wallaby - NOT!
These lazy marsupials like to laze around after meals
Note: I did not say "All Aussie-related stuff are lazy"

You can go really near to them
but try to resist touching them
cos they are wild and untamed
They may bite off your fingers


Very magnificant SOUTHEAST ASIA section
Open your eyes big-big!


Look how massive these strutures are
The design is inspired by Cambodia's Angkor Wat

Lord Ganesha

The amazing thing about the enclosures here is that
Even crocodiles and otters - probably the most awful smelling creatures alive
(other than the skunk)

Wombat in Khaki - so cute right?


Not-so-lazy Australian zoo-keeper cleaning up
cos they are closing in one hour's time

Wombat taking a shower!
They are VERY VERY cute.. wobbly marsupials.

and they look like giant hamsters!

Kids can play inside the Fossil Dig
(hint: there's a dinosaur skull inside)

Extra Irwin family member?

Had a really awesome time!
Every cent worth while..

You can buy your one day ticket
and get the rest of Year 2010 FREE - unlimited visit!

Dinner was at Urbanest
South Bank
Introducing the appetisers...

Mash Potatos with Chives

Garden Salad with Home-made Italian Dressing

Chef-of-the-day - Rachel Sato
preparing the main courses ala-minute

Dinner guests - Elena, Fadila, Baobao and KING MING

Awesome 3-course Dinner
Minced Meat Tofu (bean curd), Stir-fried Long Beans, Golden Purse (Egg Omelette)
with fragrant white jasmine rice
Nom nom nom..

Dessert was Strawberry Shortcake

with Fresh Juicy Sweet Strawberries
individually hand-picked by KING MING
from Rolin Farms this morning

Strawberry on the Shortcake
Sato Peranakan Food = 很够力; respect points +100
Return factor: 120%

iPhone Updates

Picking up Baobao at Brisbane International Airport

Airport Ambassador
I was a Changi Youth Ambassador
Does bring back very fond memories

I drove through the narrow round-about at about 80kmh
and fucked up one of the tyres
near Mt Gravatt... 丢脸
I thought I was Bunta Fujiwara
Fortunately the Rescue Unit arrived shortly..

Female Captain - Quite cool

Dinner at Little Greek Taverna (West End)
I don't think I need to introduce this place right?
I'm here all the time, just read previous posts..
Grilled Salmon with Salad

Lamb Shank with Chips

Brunch at Gunshop Cafe (West End)

Gunshop Beef Burger, Fried Egg, Double Smoked Bacon, Salad, Tomato Jam and Grilled Haloumi

Tempura Sand Whiting, Heirloom Tomato & Basil Salad, Tartare & Fries

Dessert at Pasta Al Dente (West End)
Out of the world!

Lunch buddy, Sam helping me to copy Lecture Notes

Sweet girl but definitely a Nutcase


Dinner at Little Hong Kong
Market Square
Duck Rice
Very tasty! Very good value for money!

Wanton Soup
Awesome Wantons!

My uni upgraded their VPN
and fucks up my iPhone AGAIN!

Lunch at Ajisen Ramen (City)
New Tapas menu looks interesting
but we're having ramen today!

Show your Macau Student Association card
and get a free canned drink!
Ya.. I'm from Macau too, cannot is it?

Ramen Lunch Special
Comes with free Spring Rolls

Spicy Ramen
Nom nom nom...
I love Ajisen in Brisbane
Its so tasty, unlike the Ajisen Ramen in Singapore
Gave them so many chance already, still taste like shit
and service from hell..

Spotted some Kangaroos in the City

Had my hair cut at Koogi
The stylist said "You no long style, you short style"
and gave me bangs FML
I hope he's not talking about my height

Dinner was at NORMAN HOTEL
Brisbane Worst Vegetarian Restaurant

Steaks grilled to perfection!

Lovely Lovely Steak!
This is at the moment my favourite steak house
in Brisbane...

This is why I dun really like to go to Fortitude Valley
A lot of silly drunkards who do stupid things..

Breakfast was at Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant
Chinatown Mall
Fortitude Valley
Look they actually call their Siew Mai - Steamed Dim Sims
Like how Aussies have been calling it

We were the first customers to arrive...

Siew Mai - Tasty and very Q-delicious
Chicken Claws - Tasty and fleshy claws
Pai Kuat - Not tender, not enough black bean; fail
(From top left clockwise)

Har Gao - Delicious; Thin foreskins skins with fresh Q prawns

Har Chiong - Left on the pass for too long
It was not piping hot when it arrived
Wraps were a bit thick, but prawns were tasty
Portion size very good

I've no idea why there is a chair in the restroom
May be for "Invisible Guardian Spirits"
or for the staff to sit down when they tie their shoe-laces
I dunno!

Return Factor: 8/10
Pretty good food and value-for-money, but you gotta know what to and not to order.
Pretty impatient and anal female China (not Hongkee) staff. Service can be improved.

They pop up anywhere!

Fly Magpie..

Some DotA screenies
Getting pretty rusty after not playing for a while..

Lindy's respond to my DotA playing..
I have no idea why girls hate DotA so much
Come on... Give it a chance!


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