Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm here today at CULTURAL CENTRE
with cool guy, Jestyn Koh

There's a Burke and Wills exhibition going on
No photography allowed
Pretty cool stuff about ancient explorers

The dinosaur replica skull was pretty heavy

Not a pussy..

Pretty cool stuff huh..

Next we went to South Bank Lifestyle Market

Fresh Cool Lemonade

The "Bat" Man

Temporary Tattoo

Pretty awesome Street Performer

On my way to the city to meet my GUNSSA treasurer
to go to the bank..
Bumped into Fadila, Elena and Sato

Lunch was at HANAICHI, Wintergarden

Very good value-for-money!

Essence of Chaplin
Donate $1 and watch him come to life

The adorable toddler pranced around the busker
fell down, attempted to put the coin into the drain instead

Watch video here

We got our photo taken with him

He'll give u a candy
which you can never take from his hand
unless he lets you...

Then we went to Hazel Tea House

I had Taro Milk Tea
while Linda had Green Apple Green Tea
$3.50 each

It was a lot of fun
but Linda is so bad at Jenga.. SO BAD!

After that we went to meet GUGCSSA
at Gold Coast for dinner..

Stupid kids like to play the
"Spin 10 rounds and walk straight" game

Steph fell down and sat on glass shards - GG

Its always fun to see people get thrown into water

Dinner was at COSMOS CAFE
South Bank

Crumbled Fish and Chips
Its ten dollars if you add a drink
Pretty awesome for fastfood!
Good value for money!

After that we went to DENIM CO.
for hot chocolate!

It was an awesome Saturday spent!
Some people ask me why I kept thanking my EXCO,
reason is simple - I do not pay them and I respect + recognise their selfless efforts towards the community.
Thats why I'm willing to go the extra mile for them.
This is how i like to build OUR GUNSSA CASTLE.

iPhone Update

No idea who drew his under-sized phallus
on the bus...

Nothing disgusting..
I just thought PINK TURBANS are cool..

The Singaporean Pilot G-tec Club
Good idea.. maybe i can start a new club, TSPGTC

This guy in front must have came from Canberra
He got snowflakes on his hair..

Told Sam that Jeila was a Child Actress
I think she believed me..

Crepe Cafe (South Bank)
after watching STEP UP 3D - lousy show
Tried their new dish BLT Crepe
Pretty disappointing
and they use spring onions chopped from the morning
But the service was pretty good..

Sometimes playing DotA is not about winning
Its quite enjoyable if your team is supportive

I'll keep this print screen
and show it to my sister when she's pregnant!

Hell's Kitchen S07E15
So who do you think won?
Holli or Jay?

Masterchef US S01E03
Whitney Miller (22) is pretty adorable


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