Monday, August 9, 2010

GUNSSA NDP'10 Screening

Happy Birthday Singapore!
GUNSSA holds our own NDP screening at N16 this year

Our members from Brunei, Hong Kong and Malaysia..

... Singapore...

... and many who attended despite the busy uni assignments

Indonesia Club EXCO came down to support our event as well..

Of course, our peers from the Gold Coast Campus

Dinner was served - Singapore Curry Chicken and Muffins

Let the screening begin..

20 of our attendees brought home the NDP Fun Pack

Trivial Game Session

Yep, thats Sammy from QUT

Winners of the Trivial Game
brought home cool prizes!

Risa - playing the ball since Club Sign-on Day

National Anthem and Pledge
One voice - Brisbane to Singapore

Majulah Singapura!

LalaLand 08 August NDP Special
Featuring Dawn + Shawn (UQSSS President + V.President),
Dylan (QUTSSA President) and Ming En (GUNSSA President)
View here

Was playing DotA on Bored Aussie

I think I still suck pretty much..

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