Saturday, August 28, 2010


Gold Coast

Lunch was at Fasta Pasta
Harbour Town, Gold Coast

Was kinda late cos I had to pick up some GUNSSA members
who were involved in Brisbane Festival

Joining us are members from GUGCSSA

Some of the ladies were on diet.. I think..

Choose from Traditional to Contemporary pastas

Tortellini Pollo
Chicken Toretllini sauteed with chicken pieces, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, basil and baby spinach in a cream.
Well it ain't fantastic but it ain't bad
Pasta Mania standard
However they can house big number of people
So I'm quite happy about it.

Return Factor: 6/10


干部 干部

Dirt Cheap Shopping for both men and women

Linda is like a character from Maple Story
Always full of funny surprises


Crazy Jason!

Matching sweaters for best friends!

Romantic moments..

Geeky moments..

Girls and New Shoes - the most horrible combination on Earth
Its like Gremlins and Water
Do not let them meet!

Grocery Shopping..

After that we went to Broadwater Park to chill out

A treat for all who are young at heart

Dinner time at the mansion..

A private lake.. How sick is that?

Tasty Peranakan-style food prepared by Chef Matt

Everyone had an awesome time!

iPad challenge games

Found a strawberry at Jason's backyard
I think they are trying to grow strawberries =_="

Breakfast was at RANCHO CARVERY
Australia Fair, Gold Coast

Toasts plus..

.. Baked Beans, Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Tomatoes and Chips

Without the drinks - one of this costs $6.50

and it comes with individually packed cutleries!
How amazing?

Return Factor: 10/10

Wa.. So smart.
Park scooter at bike stand with bicycle lock too!


Main Beach, Gold Coast

We should hold out club meetings here...

Hard Rock Cafe, Gold Coast

Let's visit Ripley's Believe It or Not
at Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast

Concession $18
Ripley's is one of my favourite tourist attractions I like to visit
Cos its very dynamic and bizzare
Weird people enjoy looking at weird stuff
Make sense?

World's Biggest Glutton, Skinniest Man and Tallest Man
(left to right)

The man with 双瞳 (two pupils)
Ancient Chinese believed that people who are born like that
are able to foresee future and see ghost kinda stuff

Lots of Tibetan, Indian and Chinese Relics

Hologram man..
As you can see there's a lot of repetition
in Ripley's all over the world
but its all a different experience

Man who's born with a blue face

Lord Ganesha

African customised coffins
Genting has quite a massive collection of them

My favourite section - Mummies

Shrunken Heads

Tibal Long Neck Women

This one is in ALL Ripley's

Chinese Lily Slipper

World Ugliest Woman

Man with Crocodile Teeth

This one is quite funny
You must see for yourself..

Painting Michael Jackson on crickets


This room has a weird laser smell
that you often smell in clubs

Cropcircle Chua

Baby born with two heads
Actually not abnormal
Lots of animals are born like this...

You may crawl through the lil hole on the left side if you can fit
Lots of interesting stuff inside..

My favourite game when I was young
You shoot the target and it interacts with you
Some will sing, some will squirt water at you etc

Manta Ray

Hazel Tea Shop for Bubble Tea
Shop 9, RSL Centre
Surfers Paradise

Taste pretty much the same as
the outlet in Brisbane City

Tea time at Malaya Corner
Shop 38, 341 Mains Road

I'm here with Linda, Ian, Matt and Jason

FML can you believe this is actually coffee?

I think I've been here too many times
and written too many reviews...
Read previous posts if you're interested.

Return Factor: 8/10

Poor Patrick

Show me the money!

Did a lil grocery shopping at Yuen's and Welcome..

Anyways.. Back to 3 nights ago
Supper at Ipswich...

Supper was at
The Glen Shopping Village
Cnr. Gaskell & Angel Sts
Eight Mile Plains

60 Dim Sum Items to choose from
Comes with nice little photos too

Egg Tart
Fucking amazing
Crispy skins, tender custurd
The girls complained that its a bit oily
but I love it!

Prawn Dumpling
Pretty good but
not very exceptional

Beef Tribe
This one is really good
Very rich in flavor, well-sesasoned
and texture is perfect
Goes well with the chilli they provided too

Carrot Cake
Its awesome made from scratch
You can find bits of radish in it too!
Very tasty!

Red Bean Paste Cake
Pan-fried treats
Pretty good
but as you can see its not golden

Char Siew Bao
Pretty good but not exceptional

Pai Kuat
Tender pork ribs
Tasty but not enough black beans
I like it unhealthy

Siew Mai
or what the aussies say "dim sim"
Tasty not impressive, but one of the better ones in brisbane

Deep fried Cuttlefish Tentacles
I have no idea why the menu says squid
cuttlefish is NOT squid
but yea.. it taste pretty good
盐酥 style

Mapo Tofu
Not spicy at all
as much as there're lots of chilli oil

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice
Tasty.. Tender chicken, flavorful rice
has duck egg yolk in it and is very fragrant

Chicken Wraps
Has chicken thigh meat, chinese sausage, chinese mushrooms in it
wrapped in bean curd skin - quite a treat

Mango Pudding
Lovely! Just the right sweetness
and has real mangos inside

Return Factor: 10/10


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