Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Griffith Gold Coast Club Sign-On Day

Here I am at Griffith University Gold Coast Campus
Today is their Club Sign-On Day

Yep.. Our same-styled booth design
for Singapore Student Association
Courtesy of Matt

And our same-styled candy bowl

Faded but Beautiful Memories

There wasn't much traffic in the area
According to Matt, thats GUGC for you!

And of course..
There's always RED BULL

... and their hot girls!

Malaysia Club


Canada Club

Korea Club
Pretty smart of them to put 2 pretty girls at the booth
I should do that for my GUNSSA in future

Japan Club

Jason posing as character from Dragonball
Inspired by the newly signed-up dude

And of course, we are multi-racial!

Lunch was at
SHANG COURT Chinese Restaurant 羊城菜馆
N3 Ashmore City Shopping Centre
Southport Nerang, Ashmore

I'm here with Jason, Matt, Risa and Kellybestie

Curry Chicken Rice
Really cheap! But the curry was an epic failure
Chicken was tender and vegetables are pretty alright though
Will not order this again

Beancurd with Vegetables
Kellybestie says that the vegetables are good
but the tofu is bland and tasteless

Lemon Chicken Rice
Ok, actually all dishes are on Lunch Special
Additional $1 if you opt for fried rice.

Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice
Risa's favourite dish.

Return Factor: 7/10
Other Remarks: Very good value for money, clean restaurant dining area, friendly staff. But stick to the safe dishes like Sweet and Sour Pork or Lemon Chicken.

Next we went to Campbells Cash & Carry

Its sorta like a humongous warehouse
where they display goods like wholesalers
Price wise is not exactly cheaper than Woolies/Coles
Thats when it doesn't justify the cost of having less deco and staff


One thousand lolllipops for $216.55
Very useful for events!

You see in Australia
Some of the warning signs are OVER defined
Higher population of uneducated, maybe

On my train back
there was this HUGE 1.9m fat drunk dude who boarded
and kept preventing the doors from closing for 5min
tried to pick a fight with the train attendant
And when he's finally in the carriage
he started yelling and cursing
disturbing other commuters
and then started smoking
before he alighted at South Bank

So is Australia safe? You decide!

Deepest Condolences to Lester Leong,
my 11-year-buddy from Singapore.
My heart goes out to you, from Brisbane..


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