Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EKKA 2010

Went to EKKA today with Kellybestie
You can take a direct bus from Adelaide Street, City

Tickets are around $18

We received a warm welcome from fairies..

Lots of tasty food and beverages

Sheep shearing demonstration

Tractor Simulator

Went to play a while at the Kids' Corner

Shit happens..

Quilt Exhibition for the Old Ladies

ShengZhen (China) Corner
where they sell some mass production stuff

Find the Toy Helicopter

Aboriginal with Didgeridoo

Fire Department

Magic Shop

Temporary Tattoo

Strawberry Sundae
Strawberry ice-cream, cream and strawberries

More strawberries hidden inside

Dagwood Dog
Hotdog hidden in flour
with some sweet chilli sauce

Quite "jelat" after eating half of it
Recommended to share

Almost every girl went to get the CLEO Show Bag
It has $164 worth of goodies inside

Another Magic Shop with the Freaky Bunny

Wanted to get the Simpsons Show Bag
but din like the keychain and stickers

Hair Extension and wigs

Loads of fun stuff for kids

Graffiti Air Brush Caps

Carnival Games

Making Horse Shoes

Horse Shows

This corner has lots of pregnant sheeps
and newborn lil sheeps
Some of them still has the umbilical cords and pussy juice on them

Petting Nursery was lots of fun
You can buy food for the lil animals

This kid climbed into the fowl corner
and started chasing the geese around

Billygoat prefers to be breast-fed

Lil girl wants to bring home the chick

Puppy Corner

Kitten Corner

Cat Show

Fish Show

This is my favourite corner
Fowl Corner

This is my favourite rooster
among all the freaky and monsterous ones

Fairy Floss Rooster

Back to the Carnival
Sunny Queen Smile Zone

Pony Riding


Dog Show

Agriculture Show
Lots of amazing exhibits made by fruits and vegetables

Banana Competiton

Saw a girl with a nice PENTAX dSLR

Lifestyle Corner

I'm a sucker for these colourful pots and pans

Missing people in Australia

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Not convinced

See more photos
[part 1]
[part 2]

Dinner was at Brisbane's Worst Vegetarian Restaurant
Norman Hotel
102 Ipswich Road

Took our order and waited patiently
for the beeper to go off

Rib Fillet (Small)
100 day, Grain Fed, Angus Hereford Cross, Southern Darling Downs, QLD
Choice of Mushroom, Chilli or Pepper Sauce
Served with Garden Salad, Idaho Potato with Bacon Sauce and Bread Roll
The steak is MIND-BLOWING! No joke!
Its perfectly grilled, flavors and juices sealed, marblings charred
One of the best steaks I've ever eaten
Potato was also awesome with REAL bacon bits
Despite the missing salad dressing,
it was drained (not dripping wet) and arugula was fresh

Worth every single cent spent!

Return Factor:

After-dinner coffee was at Denim Co. Espresso : Fashion
Shop 9A, Little Stanley Street
South Bank

The signature beverage - Hot Chocolate
Choice of Milk/White/Dark Chocolate shavings
Add your own steamed milk
Very interactive, very tasty!

Perfect shot with well-steamed milk
No complaint!

Everyone had a happy ending..


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Wendyy said...

There's another coffee place in southbank where yu mix melted chocolate and milk to make yur own hot chocolate. It was pretty good and massive as well.