Thursday, August 26, 2010


Probably my last trip to RADIO 4EB

JoJo's Restaurant
Corner Queen Street Mall & Albert Street
Brisbane City
Joining me today is Lindy 苯小孩 at Table 666

Quite rare to see white (hospital) lights
instead of warm lights in a restaurant settings
Not the kind of ambience I prefer
but good for food photography
You order at the food counter,
pay and your order will be delivered to your table

Quite a good variety on the menu
Oriental, Mediterranean, Grill etc

Fettucine Alfredo
Bacon, Mushroom and Spanish onion in a white wine cream sauce.
The presentation is quite good
Taste pretty good too!

Fish of the Day
(Fresh-daily - subject to availability)
Pan-fried with mushrooms, capers, artichokes and greek salad.
I cannot resist ordering items that comes with a surprise factor.
Its pretty tasty...

... and comes with a complimentary Greek Salad
Cos fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, olives, feta and vinaigrette

Value-for-money: 6/10
Return Factor: 7/10

18 Charlotte Street
Brisbane City

Two buttermilk pancakes with roasted walnuts, grilled bananas, cream, choc ice-cream and choc sauce.
Very tasty! =d
O nom nom nom nom nom..

Produce Student Card for a discount!

After dessert, we went to TIMEZONE
to play TIME CRISIS 4
Its a rail shooter category multi-hiding system

Pretty fun but we din made it through the first stage
and I already died like 6,242,357,852,943 times

iPhone Updates

Now I know the Griffith Bus Driver's name
Very good!


Some asshole tore out the sticker
and paste it upside down
Means more toilet users will
1. waste water when they use it
2. find difficulties flushing down big pieces of stool bombs

Malaya Corner
Shop 38 341 Mains Road
Stir-fried Beef Hor Fun Tea Set
A bit not up-to-standard
comes with tea/coffee

Very detailed drawing of a phallus
found in the computer lab

Lunch with Zeph, Patrick and Melvin at
Shop 14 Mains Road
Market Square

Very tasty and affordable.

Return Factor: 9/10

8am class with HEAH!

You'll need to tilt your head to see
what nonsense we wrote in the lecture notes...

I think its cute, she thinks its gross
I ate the head btw..

Contribution by CKM
Reads: This couple was sitting at a prata store having prata. They made fun of the indian serving the food and used racist jokes on the. Scolded them for bad service just to mock at them. Their final bill was settled with a $2 note with the "girlfriend" saying "hey take take take" in a mocking manner as she smiled. They feel that indians are just jokes? Look at themselves. Theyre a bigger, FATTER joke to the society.


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