Monday, August 2, 2010

August Begins..

August Begins like Batman Begins
Darker, more realistic and definitely more humane than the previous..
Been bed-ridden for 3 days
was down with cold and cough
Everyone seems to be coughing in Brisbane
Its sickening..

More photos of my Spaghetti Bolognese
I'm kinda tired of eating this already..

So I tried to make
Chicken Schnitzel Spaghetti in Napolitana Sauce
Tasty but fattening from hell..

Was sick, so I lied in bed and watched Bucket List
drinking my Yeo's Chrysanthanum Tea..

Griffith Nathan Club Sign-On Day

Me and Melvin, my vice-president
Quite sure that I will hand over the club to him
when I leave..

Matt came over to help us
in his "I LOVE SINGAPORE" t-shirt

Bumped into Jeila

Some Aviation Team brought their flight simulator over
Kinda like an arcade game..

I seriously don't see the point
of having a clown on Club Sign-On Day
Perhaps another job creation scheme

Welcome to Taiwan!

Club Taiwan's 阿姨 very graciously
gave us some VITASOY malt drinks

And of course, there'll always be the RED BULL GIRLS

Part of my GUNSSA Committee
Diana, Zephyrine, KING MING, Melvin, Rika and Linda

Lunch was at George's Seafood
Was craving for Fish & Chips
After I made my order, the friendly old man asked me
"Hey, are you from Sang-ga-pour"?
It was a pleasant surprised cos I have a nice matey accent

Anyways I had 1 Grilled Flake + Chips + 1 extra Battered Cod
$5.50 + $3.50 = $9
Always a good treat!
Oh yes.. the term "flake" may sound alien to you
aussies calls small sharks flake, usually Saw Shark
mild flavor, soft texture and doesn't crumble easily after cooking
Cheap cheap good good last long long

Cleaned up my room thoroughly this morning
Changed the sheets, Sweeped and Mopped the floor, Wiped all surfaces, Packed everything neatly, Did my laundry, Breathed and Scented my room
Good on ya, KING MING!

iPhone Updates

When I met up with Doice that day,
she saw me taking photos with my phone
and she asked "for iPhone Updates?"
It makes me happy
to know people find my life interesting
or simply like to read my bullshit


Doice and myself at Bracken Ridge
So glad that she's in Brisbane now =)

Had some Beef Brisket Rice
from City Inn Mall
Despite many people condeming the restaurant
Cheap $7.90 and taste pretty alright
I can't fault it in any way!

Yes.. Love has always been Shady..
It sucks!

Had Beef Lasagne today
at Pasta Al Dente
Pretty awesome with Pungent Cheese!
Friendly Old Lady gave me a nice big portion.
Wanted to have Gelato, but was too full.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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