Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter in July 2010

Shop 24-25 Elizabeth Arcade

They got a pretty cute menu
Kinda like Pasta de Waraku
in terms of design and colour usage

Friendly staff and clean dining area

Food there is very affordable
and they have lunch promos and stuff

Return Factor: 8/10

I like to pass time at book stores
This is Borders in the City

Grew up reading Roald Dahl

The French had a farewell BBQ at New Farm

Money of the world combine!

Claire Bear and her Nom Nom

I officially withdraw my love for Megan Fox

The cleaning party had a thorough cleaning
at our house.. its super amazing

I've never seen the house to clean before

Couple of days ago, there were 30 visitors
who were interested in our house in a single day
It looked like an excursion

My new lunchbox has a lot of biscuits and tea
Good for breakfast and tea times

International Fun Day
at Griffith Nathan

Lunch was at Malaya Corner
38/341 Mains Road
Sunnybank Market Square

They were showing some TVB kids show

Tea time special
These $6.90 dishes all comes with a tea/coffee

Radish Cake

Stir-fried Beef Hor Fun

BBQ Pork (Char Siew) Noodles

They used evaporated milk
instead of condensed milk

Horrible design! Horrible!

Return Factor:

Pasta Al Dente
165 Melbourne Street

Its kinda like cafetarian style
Everyday they have 3-4 pasta dishes

Lunch Special
You can mix and match your pasta
Small $9.80
Large $11.80
Tasty with pungent cheese!


Milk was flat, shot was weak

Return Factor: 8/10
For the reasonable price and super tiramisu

More tasty reads at

iPhone Updates

One of the people I miss
Kristin and the Norweigian girls

Lunch at George's Seafood
150 Boundary Street
West End

Pick your own fish
Everything under $10
The chips are plentiful
I think its pretty healthy cos its not really super oily

Return Factor: 7/10

The night when me and Jay
sat together and planned for our HOR LAN trip
but ended up talking cock

Sydney Opera House

My trusty notebook
evidence of my HOR LAN trip

Wollongong Train Station

Tien Lu Beef Wrap - recommended by Mr. Daniel Chia

Melbourne ACMI
Tim Burton Exhibition

Crown Casino, Melbourne

Streets of Melbourne

Michael's Camera Gallery

The air stewardess on our flight back

Our first meal back in Brisbane
at Cyber City

Happy Days
Wonton Soup

I can put my fist in her mouth - I think

Our uni library was having some renovation
They provided ear plugs
Pretty thoughtful

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Surf Board Toilet Seat?
I think they meant squat..
From Malaya Corner (Sunnybank)

My new sexy pencil case from KIKKI.K

They employ mascots to welcome ppl
into the car parks
Some things Aussies do that I dun understand

One of the major bookstores in City

This is my new love - Katrina Bowden

Oh yea.. This is the map we used for HOR LAN
pretty useless
but give us direction southwards
so we roughly know we're in the right direction

My sem 1 results - 3 credits 1 distinction

Found my photo on my freshie's blog

Taken from Into The Wild (2007)
The lead got killed eating this

Crappy DotA printscreens

Ok.. I need to sleep already
I'm going fishing tomorrow! =D

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