Saturday, July 24, 2010


Photos that reminds me of home..

Mixed Pasta Bolognese - very tasty!

Regional Flavours @ South Bank

While everyone else is at West End Market,
I'm here at South Bank checking this out!

They have booths that teaches people why and how
we can be more environmental friendly and eat organic etc

Rainforest Yogurt and Chillers

A lot of local produces from all over Queensland
such as Noosa, Gold Coast etc etc

Chutneys and Sauces




Chilli and Chilli Sauces

I'm not sure, but Kellybestie said this dude is from Masterchef

Right beside is the South Bank Lifestyle Market
Every Friday 5-10pm, Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 9-5pm

Lots of artsy fartsy stuff which are pleasant to look at
However, price doesn't quite justify

But its juz fun to browse through the very organised and clean stalls

Taoist Massage?

Seriously. Can you call yourself Threadhead
and sell's designs? Seriously.

I love these Old School Vintage Art

Crocodile Skin Products

Egyptian Stuff

Ganesha Incense
Ganesha is one of the most widely worshipped deity in the Hindu pantheon
Believed to be the Remover of Obstacles

Pretty stuff for your Little Fairies and Princesses

Get your Temporary Tattoo here!

Stupid Ibis pretending to be a Crane

Anyways I'm here today at Southbank Parklands
for QUT Singapore Student Association Welcome BBQ

The 良家妇女s and their supervisors


We had a lot of fun playing with Andy's kid

Lots of new faces

Old faces and Very Old faces

Yep.. Singapore Student Association is NOT only for Singaporeans!

SGP CASE = For Singaporeans?

Photos by other great photographers..

Richard Chan

Richard Chan

Steve Aw

Steve Aw

Dropped by The Three Monkeys (West End)
for coffee and cakes

Welcomed by their new Betty Boop

Remember to present your student card
for 10% discount! =)

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