Saturday, July 24, 2010

Qantas Wallabies vs Springboks (24 July 2010)

Arrived at Suncorp Stadium
Friggin' amazing stadium!
How do you tell if a stadium is good?
When a player has 4 shadows, its bad
If he is shadowless, its good
Get it?

Here I am with Kellybestie
We're supporting the Qantas Wallabies
from Gate B, Aisle 314, Row 22

We came a lil early, so we watched them warm up
Other aussies were busy buying beer and snacks..

1.. 2.. 3.. hut hut hut...

Both teams re-enter the field at 7.55PM to sing their national anthems

And the game began..

Wow! They are like Ironman and their Proton Canons

For the win!

It was quite a violent game

40:00 Half Time

Two fans from each teams were invited
to play a mini-game on the field

? ? ? ? ?

I like to watch them toss their team-mates up to catch the ball
From far it looked like raising a totem

Die bitch!

80:00 The game goes to the Wallabies

The crowd cheered and sang Waltzing Mathilda
Kellybestie said W.M. is Australia's national anthem, hello?

Anyways it was an awesome game.
Enjoyed myself thoroughly!


p/s: I decided that girls who grunt when watching games are scary..

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