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Noosa Fishing Adventure

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After a few hours drive, arrived at Noosa
Oh yea.. I got the McDonalds' Shrek Ears

Everyone wanted to have a go at it!

Jean burnt an audio CD of the latest coolest hits for Carol

Here we are at 222 Gympie Tce
Noosaville, Sunshine Coast

We've rented a boat to do some fishing today
costs about $300+ for 12 paz

After paying up, Justin Bieber gave us a crash course
on how to tie the fishing hooks etc

But not to worry, our team has got a few professional fishermen
Jean pretends to be interested while seducing Justin Bieber

Now for theory-practical knowledge
lets see...
Prawns: Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, Cod, Yellowtail, Barramundi
Beach Worm: Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Flounder, Aussie Salmon

According to Justin Bieber, whiting is plentiful and easy to catch,
so thats our target prey for today.

By the way in Australia, Whiting doesn't mean Merlangius Merlangus
We're talking about Sand Whiting (Sillago Ciliata) or King George Whiting (Sillaginodes Punctatus)

Just a fair warning to readers
There is a bag/size limit to fishing in Australia
You can't bring home everything you catch
So read up the regulations before you go fishing

Also, for those who reads my blog
and wanna go Noosa for fishing too
There has been discoveries of mutant fishes in Sunshine Coast
Seven mullet embroys with two and three-headed fishes has been found
Authorities believe that they were affected by
chemical sprays from nearby Macadamia Farms
So fish at your own risk!

So the adventure begins...

We arrived at our first fishing spot and casted our rods

Preparing the live sand worms and frozen prawns baits
Lets catch some Whitings!

I dun fish, so I'm enjoying the outdoors
The sun, the river, the happy Singaporeans..

Love is in the air..

and Jay thinks he's being sexy

I took a photo of Jean
and the spot became a photobooth...

Kai fell asleep

Our aim/objective is to at least catch 3 fishes today

Andy got the first catch - Yellowfin Bream

The yellowfin bream aka Acanthopagrus Australis
a schooling species
can be caught around 35m depth waters
They are quite stupid and easy to catch
Comes to Queensland around May to July
Grows up to 65cm, 4kg
Bag limit: 30
Size limit: 25cm
Can be steamed, poached, pan-fried, baked, grilled or bbq-ed
with capers, chillis, coriander, garlic, ginger, lemongrass etc

Jay got 2 big leaves

Second Catch by Dylan - another Yellowfin Bream

Meanwhile Chef Sean and Chef Jean
prepares the grill for our BBQ Lunch

Third Catch by Kendrick - another Yellowfin Bream


After a few hours of empty catches
I decided to take over Jay to save some face
for the CCBs (Chung Cheng Boys)
but instead I lost a rod to the Noosa River T_T
No I wasn't fighting a fish while at it..

We changed a few spots but caught nothing..

Kendrick: 1
Dylan: 1
Andy: 1
Sean: 0
Jay: 0
Ming: 0 (lost a rod)
Jean: 0
Feeona: 0
Winnie: 0
Carol: 0
Kai: -3 (lost 3 hooks to boats/rocks)
Total Score: 3 in 5 hours

Our Catch!
I believe they are all at least 25cm

Oh yes, another warning
They practice Reverse Parking here
Meaning: Rear Inwards

Poor Kendrick got a $70 fine for that

They sell firewood at Petrol Kiosks (Service Stations)
while in Singapore, charcoal instead

Dinner was at
Jun Japanese-Malaysian Cuisine
10 Wishart Square

The menu separates Japanese, Malaysian food
on each sides, average price is $11
I personally find the waiter pretty bad on service
No smiles, talks like we owe him money, bad postures
However, he was pro-active in refilling ice-water
and the shop aunty and chef are very friendly

Ambience of restaurant is warm and welcoming
Anyhows we are here today to celebrate Pauline's birthday

(Special order; Item not on menu)
Limited stock, about 30 sticks per day only
However if sold out, you may opt for Yakitori $6.90
These are skewered spiced meats, Malay cuisine
served with cucumber, onions and coconut milk rice cubes
Made from scratch, pretty awesome!

Mee Goreng (Chicken)
The Mee Goreng dish is legendary!
One of the best I've eaten around South East Asia
The taste is perfect and 100% accurate.
By the way for you Caucasians who love the Indomee Instant Mee Goreng
This is how the real deal looks like. Word.

Char Kuay Teow (Chicken)
Less fragrant compared to Little Singapore
but the taste is not quite there too.
Taste more like Stir-fried Beef Hor Fun.

Mee Goreng (Chicken + Seafood)
Perfect! Must-try!
Put it on your bucket list.
This is better than any Indian Muslim restaurants you've ever eaten.
Trust me on that.

Tahu Goreng
Deep-fried tofu cubes served with pineapple, cucumber,
bean sprouts in hot chilli and sweet soy sauce with crushed peanuts
Pretty good. Relatively spicy!
Does not feel oily.

Curry Laksa (Chicken)
Taste accurately like your hawker and Malaysian laksa
Not the "Katong Laksa style" though
Jay tried level 7/10 spiciness and it was quite a killer
The gravy needs more laksa leaf in my opinion

And this one is not thick vermicelli
Its yellow hokkien noodles with thin vermicelli

Ipoh Hor Fun (Chicken)
Ok I know Ipoh Bankean is gonna be pissed seeing this
Its not the real-deal Ipoh Hor Fun
This is our 煮炒 (Stir-fried) Wa-Dan styled instead
The portion size is awesome and kuey teow does not stick together
Pretty good despite unauthenticity!

Chicken Teriyaki
Comes with Arugula salad - yum!

Claypot Assam Fish
Fish fillet cooked in chilli and tamarine sauce
I feel its not spicy and sour enough

The chef gave Pauline a special-made Curry Puff
after knowing its her birthday! =D

Peranakan Dessert
(not in menu)
Also, the birthday special comes with on-the-house
sweet coconut milk glutinous rice pudding
Taste super awesome!

and an Orange Butter Cake
(not in menu) made on the spot
specially for Pauline

She was so touched by the gesture!

The chef even came out to serve the cake.

Return Factor: 30/10
more tasty reads at

Next stop to Pauline's house for round 2
Had a lot of fun playing with the restless Ah Bui

Henry surprised Pauline with a very special hand-made gift
So sweet right?

more photos here:

iPhone Updates

Deep-fried Pork Cutlet Rice
under $10
from Shin Yuan Restaurant
14 Mains Road, Market Square, Sunnybank
Taste pretty alright
Service is good with free flow chinese tea

Beancurd with Azuki bean and Sweet Peanuts
from Just Soy Cafe
223 Calam Road
Sunnybank Hills
Indubitably the best 豆花 (Tau Huay = Soya Bean Curd Dessert)
in the region and probably Brisbane
Closed on Tuesday (I think) and its always packed

Yes.. Rock Solid, Heart Touching
I believe I have some kinda incredible memory

Maccas Breakfast before the Noosa Fishing Trip
Mighty McMuffin
two slices of don rasher bacon, egg, spicy sausage and cheese
on toasted english muffin = Yum!
and of course, I ordered the Apple Slices
Unlike in Singapore, it doesn't come with Caramel Dip
Anyhows you can purchase Heinz Honey Drizzle if you want

Carol was curious about how they kept the apples
from oxidizing since they look fresh and nothing close to being brown
But wait.. There is a surprise inside!

I won a Shrek Ears
Its a 1 out of 4 chance to win these with Apple Slices
Yay.. I'm gonna melt my heart everyday
Oh well.. Keep rollin'

By the way, iPhone OS 4.0.1 is out
Apparently 4.0 sucks, its slow and eats up battery
So get your update today =)

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