Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Town with GUNSSA

Brunch with Kellybestie at
Pancakes at the Manor
18 Charlotte Street

The building was actually an old church since 1904
and made into a restaurant in 1979

The manor's Bell Tower is one of the highlights in Ghost Tours
(by the way Brisbane was voted as 2nd Most Haunted City in the World)
People always hear rattling chains inside the locked stairwell

Ok, less ghost stories more yum yums
The first page of the menu is of course,
their specialty - Pancakes

Today I'm gonna have the $13 lunch special

Entree Crepe
Seafood in a creamy white wine sauce served with saffron cream sauce

Entree Crepe
Vegetarian crepe served with herb tomato sauce

Single pancake with ice cream and maple syrup

You may also opt for extra coffee or soft drinks at $1.50
and/or fresh side salad at $2.50

Food Quality: 10/10
Portion Size: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 10/10
Return Factor: 9/10

Busker Spray Painter
I don't know if its art or just destroying the environment
for a living.. Pretty cool techniques though..

Met up with some of my kids from
Griffith University Nathan Singapore Student Association (GUNSSA)
(from left) Linda, Melvin, MING, JN and ZL

Meet my new Treasurer, Linda
and Vice-President, Melvin

Yea.. So I took them for a quick touristy visit
around South Bank Parklands
near the city area since they're always hiding in campus

Nepal Peace Pagoda
Built in 2 years by 160 Nepalese families
with 80 tonnes of Nepalese timber from Terai jungle
The other 2 Peace Pagodas are located in Munich and Osaka

2.7-m high bronze statue of Confucius
created by Shandong artists
My favourite analect reads
"子曰: Gan jiong meh?"
(translates to "Why are you in such a hurry"
me and my mates made that up in high school)

Went to the QUT Convocation

小胖爷爷, Jay was there too!

Dinner was at Little Greek Taverna
5/1 Brown Street
West End

Joining me today for dinner are
Ian, Melvin, Linda..

..Matthew and JT

Fresh bread with Olive Oil for starters

Chargrilled Barramundi
The fish is simply beautiful, comes with salad and feta cheese
Delicious, tasty and very fulfilling! Must-try!

Chargrilled Salmon
Delicious salmon grilled to prefection.
See previous post

Lamb Souvla
Lamb prepared on a horizontal spit over charcoal
The lamb here taste pretty much the same
but I would choose the shanks over this anytime
cos of the tasty bone marrow =D
and of course, I love to see my meat with the bones

Lamb Souvlaki
Chargrilled lamb skewer
Rich flavored spiced chewy lamb
Taste like a more meaty version of our "satay"

Payment with the sexy staff

Return Factor: Definitely

Hopped across the street for coffee and cakes at
The Three Monkeys
58 Mollison Street
West End

Remember to flash your Student Card
for a 10% discount!

It was an awesome day spent
However it gives me a funny feeling
when my committee calls me "P"
(acronym for "President")
They'll go "Pea Pea Pea Pea Pea"

Keep Rollin', people
Have a great weekend!

P/S: Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 11 is out!

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