Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Food Food Food

Anzac Square

For God King & Empire
To the men and women who by patriotism and sacrifice served their country during the great wars 1914 - 1918 ~ 1939 - 1945 and in hallowed memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice this monument is erected by the people of queensland

Met JT for lunch
brought her for a lil tour around Brisbane City

City Hall
Actually you can take a lift up to the clock tower
but its closed for renovation till 2012 FML

King George Square

Queen Street Mall City Farmers Market
Every Wednesday 10-6pm

Lots of fresh farmer's produces
Vegetables, cheese, fruits, nuts, pastries, olive oil, lemonade, sausages etc

Its sorta like the West End Markets or any other suburb market days
Just cleaner, more atas, organised, orderly and costly

And for people like me, who simply enjoys watching people interact..

Lunch was at Satay Club Noodle House
55 Charlotte Street

The dining area is pretty small
but they put wall mirrors so the place looks more spacious
Doesn't stop people from bumping into one another though

Seriously, remove a table and some chairs
You can't make all the money in the world

The menu is printed on gloss laminated photo paper

Joining me for lunch today - JT & Helen

Katasan Rice with Assam Soup
I googled it, but still have no idea what "katasan" mean

Seafood Laksa
$10.80 (I think..)
Pretty good. It has 4 prawns, fish cakes
You can choose between yellow noodles, thin vermicelli or mixed
You may also choose the spiciness
I asked the friendly Indonesian waitress
"Do you think the HOT level is spicy?"
She said no, and I ordered.
Lets say its the same spiciness as McDonalds' Sweet Chilli Sauce

Can be spicier..

Return Factor: 7/10

I hope this is not a photoshoot
for some Adult Shop selling Policeman costumes
However, the friendly "policeman" gave me good directions

My love for VESPA..

Wanted to visit the Queensland Military Museum
but its closed =_="

So we went to Kuan Yin Tea House
198 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley

Famous for their teas and excellent service

And of course, the vegetarian dishes are epic

The shop is run by very very friendly Taiwanese aunties

I had a Pearl Milk Tea
The pearls are legendary!
The tea is awesome.
These Taiwanese aunties really know their stuff.

There's a joke on every lid
Just like in Singapore

The ambience is peaceful and relaxing
hiding in its little corner from the busy streets
I found myself dazing into the streets feeling like I'm in another dimension

Oh and they're environmental friendly too
Bring your own takeaway box and get 5% discount

Return Factor: 200/10

Do you know that Chinese like to eat fresh?
In some restaurants, you can find dishes of fish
where the head and tail are still struggling
but the torso is cooked - evil

Some rather interesting chinese groceries
Mushroom Old Soy Sauce
with a very cute bottle shaped like a teapot!

The left one reads "Finishing the Last Drop of Rice"
The right one "Everyone Fights Over It"

Reads "My Mouth is very Fragrant"
In a baby-talk manner

Frosty's Children

I used to eat a lot of these
when I was in elementary school
Its like Haw Candies

Just to show Claire a photo of the real mee goreng
She's quite addicted to the instant noodles one
Seriously, it taste nothing like the real deal

Gold Bars, anyone?
These are Chinese Paper Craft for the dead.
Some believe that dead relatives can receive these items
if you burn it for them.
Also comes in cars, credit cards, servants
even the latest iPhone and Laptops etc

More print-screens from 30 Rock
I'm quite obsessed with the show..

Katrina Bowden looks prettier every other episode
She's one of my top choice now

NAH BEH! Why my internet browser is at POLLY PRINCESS?

iPhone Updates

Went to eat Pasta Al Dente (West End)
with Kellybestie
Monday's dish is pretty good, they have this salmon thingy
Awesomeness.. $9.80 only

Dinner was at Little Greek Taverna
5/1 Browning Street
West End

Joining me today, KiddoRachel
Now I kinda have a clue why
my web browser is left on Polly Princess =_="

Fresh Bread served with Warm Olive Oil

Salmon with Potatoes
Salmon perfectly cooked and flavoured
Potatoes seasoned with lemon and spices

Lamb Shank with Potatoes
Absoltely tasty lamb and the marrow was simply orgasmic
Alike the Salmon dish, they were both pretty filling, yet not fattening.

Return Factor:
Other Comments: Legendary service and tasty food that comes with great value-for-money, making it hard not to return! Seriously!

More tasty reads at

Alright guys..
See ya later aligator!

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