Sunday, July 25, 2010

A lil bit of OPHIX*** with Doice

Someone in my house drinks Moccona too..
I guess I do drink A LOT more coffee than others do.

9AM Doice was late, but i bought her a Krispy Kreme donut
for making the effort to wake up early

Stepped into the town portal, and very shortly..

... we arrived at McPherson Park, Bracken Ridge
There's a TRAIN DAY event today

Its great fun for all seniors, adults and children alike

Operated by the Lions Club of Bracken Ridge

There are electric trains and steam trains
run on real coal and water!

Pretty exciting right? Its an down-scaled model of
a steal fire-tube boiler that contains water and steam.
Some of these trains even have a steam whistle!

First you have to get your tickets from the
Bracken Ridge Central Railway Station Counter

Traditional ticket punch

watch video here

.. and off we go!

BBQ hotdogs by Bracken Ridge folks

Face painting too!

We found a bench and enjoyed our hot dog bread

Watching steam trains go past..

.. we could do this forever

Fun Fact: The first full scale working railway steam locomotive
was built by Richard Trevithick in the United Kingdom in 1804

Guess what we found?

Two hungry baby birds!

Its good fun watching toddlers dance to music!

Next stop - Bramble Bay Pony Club

Whats your weight?

Kids come together and learn advanced riding techniques


Kinda like Junior Indiana Jones

Pretty cool place to watch kids and horses
but dangerous to walk around with all the "land mines"

Next stop - Fortitude Valley

Doice couldn't resist a lil shopping at
The Valley Markets

Lunch was at Kwan-Yin Tea House
198 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley

I'm a return customer
due to their value-for-money tasty food, excellent service
and of course the nice ambience

Diners today.. KING MING and

..Doice Low

We ordered Chocolate Milk Tea and Taro Milk Tea
Both are friggin awesome!
The best in Brisbane, not kidding.
It beats every establishment handsdown in pearls and fragrance.
$3.50 each

Veggie Chicken Rice
The chicken is crispy and tasty
Very good value for money
Comes with cabbages, bean curd, potato, tomato, brocolli sides
Rice is properly cooked
Not the top grade jasmine rice, but hey its $8.50!

Mixed Minced Meat Noodles
Doice could not finish the large portion size
so I helped myself with it
I said "Wow.. can't believe its not meat, right?"
and she went crazy "What? Its not?"
Friggin amazing!

Fried Dumplings
Don't really remember the price
but the ingredients are like "popiah"
Very cute taste!

Moving on now..

Queensland Military Memorial Museum
28 Church Street
Fortitude Valley
12-4pm (Sunday only)

As much as its only a small gallery
They have a very elaborated collection of military items
that dates back to the 1800s

They used to use these HUGE ASS pistols
Must be pretty damn heavy too!

Machine Gunners Cartoon

Old uniform and badges

1917 Hand-Operated Chain Saw
and yes, what you see behind belongs to a barzooka

Machine/Gattling Gun

Old school Grenades

Sub-Machine Gun
Its pretty amazing to see these old stuff
you realise that we're so much more advanced now

I don't think girls will be interested in this kinda stuff
but I find it pretty awesome!

This soldier had his cap signed by Gracie Fields
No idea who she is?
Gracie Fields (1898-1979) was an English-born, Italian-based
actress, singer and comedianne widely hailed as one of the
greatest stars of both cinema and music hall

World War II Field Surgical Kit

Mr. Bob tells the story of his grandfather's celebration
upon winning the army's shooting competition

The one in black (second standing from right) is his grandfather.

This is a Sentry Chair
It allows soldiers to sit while doing sentry duty
but if they lay backwards and falls asleep
the entire chair collapse backwards
Pretty cool design

Modern Weaponry used today..

After that we went to Burlington's
to buy her Glutinous Rice Balls and Man Tous

A lil bit of O O O OPHIX***
totally make my day!

A print-screen from Kellybestie's blog
She dedicated a post to me
Awwww.. how come there's no part on my handsomeness?